Vegan sweet potato and quinoa balls recipe

When it comes to cooking i am not someone who measures or weigh the ingredients (well, apart from when i was making the ebook recipes!). I find it takes too much time and is just an inconvenience….. of course this means that sometimes my food turns out not as great as planned and other times even better and i don’t know how much of each ingredient i need to remake it!!

Of course, it can get a little annoying for my readers/followers when you ask me for a recipe and i don’t have one 😦 But my thoughts when it comes to cooking is that you really don’t need a recipe and exact measurements unless you are making something very complicated or a recipe that has exact tastes or needs an exact texture.  But maybe this is just because i have been cooking for so many years in my life (but not cooking vegan for so long….) but i’ve done alot of baking in the past as well. It teaches you which ingredients do what and different ratios to make the food work. So maybe i find it easy to just create different burgers, balls, soups, falafel, pancakes etc without recipes because i know what the different ingredients do and i have been cooking/baking for so long. I do often get asked how i cook my vegetables, and for those people maybe they don’t have enough kitchen experience or cooking experience to know how to just freestyle different recipes.

But as i am neither a recipe creator, food photographer or food stylist…. i am just an amateur-like-to-eat-and-cook-vegan-food-hobbyist i hope it is ok that i atleast post the ingredients and you can maybe freestyle yourself!

I mean maybe these balls aren’t what you should make the first time you invite friends or a date over, or if you want to impress non vegans with an incredibly good vegan meal…. then it is better to follow an exact recipe so you don’t end up with inedible food!!!

So….. the previous day i threw together and made some super delicious quinoa and sweet potato balls…. and of course the negative is that i don’t know the exact ingredients so can’t replicate them exactly… oh well!




c.a 2-3dl Cooked quinoa

1 cooked medium sweet potato

2 small onions diced

Sweet corn


Salt & pepper

How to:

Begin by boiling the quinoa and baking the sweet potato – either in the oven or in the microwave. Goes quicker in the microwave.

Preheat the oven to 220degrees celsius.

When the quinoa is done and the sweet potato is baked place both in a mixing bowl. Chop the onion and add into the mixing bowl along with the sweet corn. Add seasoning to taste. Mix all together. (The sweet potato should make the mix hold together).

When everything is mixed, all flour until the mix turn into a consistency that you can form patties or balls out of them. I.e the mixture should hold together. (If it doesn’t, i would suggest you bake another sweet potato in the microwave and add some more to the mix until it all sticks together).

Optional is to roll the balls in sesame seeds before placing on parchment paper and into the oven for around 30 minutes.

The balls don’t taste so much like falafel or like store bought burgers but i thought they tasted good nonetheless!!

Food should be about creativity – but i understand not everyone has the time or resources to be creative with food i.e some don’t have the economy to waste on food that isn’t edible or needs to be thrown away.



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    If you are making burgers, what do you use to “hold it all together”, if you are not using potato? Also would you just mash the veg/beans or put them in a blender?
    Love your recipe for sweet potato and quinoa balls – simple but sounds delicious 🙂


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I know you can`t give an exact measure but roughly how much flour did you use? Tried making vegetable patties this morning and it went fine until I added flour – I think I used too much – and it all went horrible. I thought I was adding enough to hold it all together but obviously done it wrong! It didn’t have potato in the mix – just swede,carrots, sprouts and chopped onion. Should I have used potato as well?
    This was so frustrating as I ended up throwing it all away and it took ages to chop and boil too 😦


    1. Oh that doesn’t sound fun. Unfortunately i have no idea how much i used… maybe 1-2dl. However i think adding chia egg or even corn flour as well as flour would have worked better in your case as there wasn’t really any binding agent in the mix and not sure if it was too watery – that can affect how well the patties hold together.
      Also, did you use normal flour or gluten free flour? Because i have found that gluten free flour doesn’t work the same as normal flour and you need to use flax egg or chia egg as well – as it is the gluten in the flour that acts like a binding agent 🙂


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I used gluten free flour – so that’s where I went wrong then! I didn’t know it wouldn’t bind as well as normal flour 😦
    Not giving up – going to try making burgers again until I get them right and will try using either chia or flax egg like you suggest. I don`t think I will try that combination again though as the swede was a bit watery. Cooking is definitely a learning curve!
    Thankyou for your advice – it is much appreciated xxx


  4. Sorcha says:

    Looks really delicious, and a great idea too – will be giving these a go this week 😁


    1. Hope you like it, if you do make them 🙂


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