At the moment i am trying to remind myself of the importance of mental rest and de stressing. Reminding myself to take pauses and not worry or plan my days too much – to have 1 or 2 days a week where i haven’t planned out my day exactly and instead take the day as it comes.

Friday and a free day from school, and i decided to turn it into a stress free – “No musts” – day.

I woke up without an alarm at 7am feeling rather refreshed and energetic! Got up, made coffee and went back into bed while i waited for my coffee and had some time to just scroll through social media with no pressure to get ready and leave the house at a certain time.

I wasn’t quite ready to leave the house and go to the gym when i had had breakfast and drank my coffee, so as i have the apartment to myself for the weekend i decided to make some sweet potato fries, fry some tofu, make hummus and even try making a pumpkin soup with the pumpkin (butternut squash?) i had at home. All the while listening to podcasts. I actually love when i have time to cook in the morning – not only is it bright outside so i actually see the food i am making but good light when i take photos as well!


Then when the cooking was done and everything was cleaned i headed to the gym and didn’t have to stress to the gym and stress home again. Despite having all the time i wanted, i kept it a short session before going home (stopping to buy bread on the way!).

Home to eat lunch, write some blog posts, rest and then an evening out with friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday!

I  must admit, i feel slightly stressed and anxious over *not* doing any school work today or not being so *productive*… but i know that i need breaks and i can’t constantly be working. Most normal people can take whole days free from work/school work and not care, but it always makes me feel anxious… but i am trying to enjoy my day and afternoon without feeling like i need to study. The worst feeling is that i always think *i don’t have time* but i know i DO have time… it is just my anxious, worried, stressed mind that tries to tell me i don’t have enough time.

But my aim is to take atleast one day a week where i don’t do any form of work or school work and just relax, spend my day doing other things and eventually these days won’t give me anxiety – instead it will be the much needed mental break i need!

First step is to realise you have a problem and the second is to do something about it!


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  1. Miri says:

    I had the same problem before, but I started to slowly ”force” myself to do nothing, and now I love those calm days. Now the worst feeling I know is when I have too many things to do in one day and have everything planned by minutes, that makes me anxious when I have No time to recover mentally. Today, I woke up at 9:30, went to school at 10, studied until 2pm, went home, ate a snack, and since then Ive been laying in bed. Thought about maybe going to the gym but I dont know, I just didnt. And Im soooo relaxed, just chilling around at home watching series and doing nothing. That makes me naturally productive at other times Because I restored My energy levels 🙂 If you feel so stressed, just try to cut things out for a while and just focus on relaxing things. Maybe you dont have to go to the gym for a while? Or make so complicated and special food? I understand that you have to study, but then you have to cut out some other things. However, I think it is great that your meeting friends tonight, it will get your mind off of things for a while and just Enjoy the Good company. Because in the end, relationships and love is more important than anything in life 🙂


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    It will take you a while but you will get used to having days with no study or work to do and eventually you will look forward to that day/days of the week instead of feeling anxious about them. It sounded as though you still had a productive day – just in a different way – cooking, shopping, going to the gym and then an evening out! You filled your time with things you like doing, things that give you a break from study and work and that I think is a good thing! Taking a break from study/work doesn’t mean you have to do nothing – just do what you feel like doing on the day, you might just feel like watching Netflix in bed next time – which is fine. Anything that you enjoy and gives you a different mindset is great and I`m sure you will find your anxieties will soon pass 🙂


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