Baked sweet potato with tofu mix and curry “chicken” mix (vegan)

Sometimes i get strong cravings for something and that is exactly what i make. And this time it was a craving for the swedish “skagenröra” which is basically a prawn-mayonnaise mix as well as a craving for a creamy curry chicken mix. (You know the typical school sandwich you get on outings!!)

Of course i didn’t want to just eat the mixes, so i decided to buy some sweet potato and make filled sweet potato with the mixes!!! And i can say… it was such a good meal!!! If you bake the sweet potato in the microwave, then this meal doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to make. However, if you let the mixes cool in the refrigerator for about an hour before serving the taste will be even better as it all mixes together and the flavours are enhanced!


For Christmas i made a “skagencheesecake” which everyone loved and i made the same cake 3 days later for my mothers birthday! So the tofu-skagen-mix is the same as what is used for the cheesecake, just that i didn’t make the bottom and didn’t freeze it.

Recipe: Skagen mix

3 (450g) jars of vegan cream cheese ex Oatly påmackan (OR: c.a 200ml alpro soya yoghurt and 200ml alpro soya quark i.e thicker consistency yoghurt)
1 tub (100g) of vegan caviar  (Picture: source )
1 small red onion
0.5 lemon – zest + juice
1 pot / 0.5 pack of frozen dill
100 g of tofu
3 krm liquid smoke
1 tablespoon of vegan caviar (vegiar) (note, can be omitted)
salt & pepper

How to:

In a bowl crumble tofu finely. Add the liquid smoke + salt and mix together.

Finely chop red onion and dill and finely grate the lemon.

In a bowl mix together the cream cheese, tofu mix, vegan caviar, red onion, dill, vegiar and lemon zest & juice. Season with salt & add extra liquid smoke if you want more taste

Note, you can make the mix using mayonnaise and example natural non dairy yoghurt. Or even using a vegan quark(thick yoghurt) and some plain thinner yoghurt if you don’t want to use cream cheese or mayonnaise.

Ingredients:  Vegan chicken curry mix

c.a 150g vegan chicken/seitan pieces

200g alpro soya quark

c.a 100g alpro soya yoghurt

1 onion thinly diced

c.a 1/2 tbs curry (& some paprika or chilli if you want)

salt and pepper

How to: Mix together all the ingredients! (Not much of a recipe!!). Adjust the yoghurt ratio according to taste and consistency you like.

As mentioned above you can use cream cheese or mayonnaise instead of yoghurt for a different consistency!




13 Comments Add yours

  1. Josephine says:

    both look super delicious! Will try out the curry chicken type thing for sure! Before i went vegan curry chicken was my fav dish 🙂


  2. jarunkacube says:

    You wrote vegan caviar and then vegan caviar = vegiar in the ingredients. What’s the difference between them??


    1. The first one is in a tub and looks more like the typical fish eggs caviar and the second one is caviar (vegan) in a tube and that one is optional as it just adds some extra “fishy” taste – but the first one adds colour and is sort of a “Must” if you want to recreate the actual skagenröra! haha, hope that makes sense!


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    If you add sultanas to your curry mix you`ve got Coronation “chicken” !


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