New vegan products!

New Friday and new list of vegan foods i have found online and wanted to tip you all about!!

Some of these you may already know, some are new for me anyway!

Quorn – which is usually ovo-vegetarian (meaning the products contain egg) have released 2 vegan sandwich toppings! I have to say…. i am rather excited. Not because i eat sandwiches so often or because i miss chicken or ham slices, but because it is a new alternative… a new option. And in the past i did eat chicken/turkey slices which i loved and well, i wouldn’t mind being able to eat a vegan version. However, from what i understand these are only available in the UK for now…. but who knows, they might be available in the rest of the world soon!


Goodfellas (in the U.S, i think!) are releasing a frozen pizza which will be available from March! There seems to be more and more companies now offering vegan pizza both made in pizzerias as well as frozen which is great for those who like pizza and are vegan! I can personally live without frozen pizza haha, but i know many vegans who are excited over the progress in this area!


Vegan honey! I don’t actually know what it is made from, and i think it can only be bought in the vegankind supermarket. But who knows, maybe it will be available else where! Also i think you can make your own honey (or similar to honey) – i might put together a post with different vegan tips such as how to make your own oat milk, own vegan cheese, honey etc


Vegan marshmallows! These are not a new product, but i thought i would tip you all for those who don’t know that vegan marhsmallows exist!! 🙂 Great when making smores or for hot chocolate 🙂




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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    If the vegan quorn sandwich “ham”/ “chicken” comes to Sweden you should definitely try it! It really is quite nice. Although it is sold as a cold meat I have cooked with it before – added it to sauces for pasta and I made a thai curry from the smoked ham.
    I found out too that your oomph meat is going to launched here in the UK soon. I don`t think this is gluten free though (?) but its really exciting that we are getting more vegan products! Happy days 🙂


    1. I am sure the ham* works great if making a vegan carbonara or other sauces or dishes! Oumph is so delicious, ever since i first tried it back in 2016 it has been a favourite of mine! I think it is gluten free – or some of them anyway as it is just soy protein. However i could be wrong…. i don’t really check which products are gluten free or not 😦


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    If you could write a post on how to make your own things like oat milk/honey and cheese etc that would be really useful. I am struggling to find a cheese that I like, particularly one I can use in cooking so any alternative options would be great. I don`t really miss cheese that much but sometimes its nice to have it on a baked potato 🙂


    1. A post with some vegan food DIY hacks is up now (posted this weekend :)) so maybe you will like some of those ideas. There are so many different brands of vegan cheese so the best is just trial and error… some work well when heated, some melt well while others just taste grainy when melted. I have only tried oatly cream cheese and Jeezly/violife(?) hard cheese and i think they are great on sandwiches but not so great when melted.


  3. caroljoanne1969 says:

    The dairy free vegan Ben and Jerry`s ice cream has finally appeared in the shops here in the UK! I make a point of looking out for it most times I go shopping and today I finally found it! Two flavours – Chocolate Brownie and Peanut Butter Cups! It is £5.50 a tub – £1.00 more expensive than the regular Ben and Jerry`s but I have been waiting so long for it I don`t care 🙂 It seems a strange time of year to launch an ice cream product but the main thing is its arrived at last!


    1. I hope you get to try them! My favourite is the peanut butter and cookies. It is more expensive than regular ben and jerrys, however then it just makes it more of a treat and you enjoy it even more!! 🙂


  4. lexivranick says:

    Can’t wait to try all of these!! Especially the vegan marshmallows. I’ve been on the hunt for good ones!


    1. I hope you find some vegan marshmallows soon!! They’re great for hot chocolate or making smores 🙂


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