Vegan questions – Have my motives for being vegan changed? Do i miss any non vegan food?

Do you ever Feel like you miss out on foods when they are not vegan? I mean if there was a product you Really liked before you became vegan and they release new flavours and such?

No, i don’t feel like i am missing out as a vegan. I can usually find alternatives to all foods and when i am with friends and they are maybe trying a new chocolate or new protein bar or protein milkshake i don’t feel like i am missing out, instead i just think of ways i can make it vegan myself.

One of the things my friends have thought strange before is when they are talking about example cake or cookies or some food and i say “Oh i love that as well” or “I am going to make that food”, or if i tag ex. my sister in a recipe video then i am talking about the vegan version. I may see a recipe video of a nutella cake and think it looks delicious, but i am also thinking of ways to veganize it. I don’t know if this makes sense when i am writing it…. but when i talk about loving certain foods which people automatically think of the non vegan version, i am actually talking about the vegan version.

I do admit that sometimes i wish vegan chocolate would be more exciting. Such as i can miss Marabou and all their new flavours and chocolate bars that are being released. Not to mention the new protein bars on the market. i know i can make my own chocolate and my own protein bars, but at times you just want to buy ones in the store when you are craving them and not have to make your own or have to order online and wait several days for them to arrive. However i wouldn’t give up my ethical beliefs for some chocolate – for me it is not worth it. I mean in the end i can make my own versions and don’t feel like i am missing out.


Also a tip from me is to not focus on what you can’t/choose not to eat and instead see everything you can eat. Because if you only focus on the products/foods you miss or can’t eat you won’t realise just how much you can eat and also you might feel deprived when really you aren’t.

Has the reason you went vegan in the first place changed over time? ie maybe going vegan for health reasons but now more of an ethical choice?
I just wondered because I have found since stopping eating meat I have become more aware of issues surrounding animals and wondered if it was possible that a perspective can change over time?

I think for many people when they decide to eat plant based or go vegan they can also become more aware of other areas in life that you need to be considerate about. For example many who just begin eating plant based for health can end up becoming more aware of animal testing, the environment and the animals even if they just started out for health reasons. But other times people who eat plant based for health end up eating meat and dairy again because they deem it as healthy or trendy.

The reason i went vegan was primarily for ethical reasons but also for health reasons. I wanted to try and see if it would help with my stomach pain, bloating, awful skin etc But also that i had learnt more about the dairy and meat industry and felt i couldn’t contribute to that. But of course in the beginning i didn’t pay too much attention to which household products i bought or cleaning products… at first it was just the food. But then over time i learnt more about animal testing, and why i should choose vegan household and beauty products.

Since going vegan i have of course become more aware of other things such as plastic use, palm oil, microbeads/microplastic in products, animal testing, the environment which i didn’t think so much about before.  However my main focus is just using and consuming vegan products and if i do use more plastic one week or eat food with palm oil it isn’t a huge deal.

I still care about my health and always will, however i am lucky that i love vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, grains and don’t just live on vegan fast food and processed food. Meaning that i am healthy and stay healthy even if going vegan is for ethical reasons.

At times i do wish i could do more for the animals and have wanted to go to demonstrations and such, but we all have different ways of activism. I do mine through social media and sharing food and recipes. I think it still makes a difference, even i feel like i could – and want to – do so much more.

A long answer… but basically i have become even more aware and educated and my ethical opinions have strengthened since going vegan!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Maybe in time you will get involved in things such as demonstrations and support different vegan campaigns but you can be an activist in your own way too, and by sharing and teaching your knowledge on veganism through social media is already doing just that. You don`t have to go on marches and such to show that you care – you can reach just as many people and make a statement doing what you are doing now 🙂


    1. True, i guess sometimes i just feel like i could be doing more. But i know i am still making a difference and all forms of activism matter even if it is just silent activism!! 🙂


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