Vegan food hacks – Home made oatmilk, non dairy yoghurt, vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise, vegan honey etc

Here is a huge masterpost with some vegan DIY/cooking hacks which i hope you will like and will help you! I haven’t tried all of these recipes unfortunatly, but i hope to try them all in the future.

Also making your own oat milk and vegan cheese seems incredibly easy – i have always thought it would be so time consuming and hard, but i guess i was wrong!

I might try to make one of these posts for some beauty products as well as i know coconut oil can be used for many beauty hacks as well as things like sugar scrub etc and even coffee scrubs or sugar and oil for a body scrub!!:)

If you have any other vegan food or cooking hacks or DIY vegan food comment below 🙂 (Also have a part 2 coming up with some other vegan food cooking tips/hacks/how to’s!)


How to make your own oat milk (I need to try this, it looks so easy!!)

How to make your own almond milk

Making your own soft cheese (Recipe post coming soon!)

Making your own vegan hard cheese (Recipe post coming up!)

Making your own cashew cheese

Make your own vegan cashew cream cheese

Making your own cashew parmesan

Making your own mayonnaise

Making your own vegetable stock

Make your own vegan butter (cashew based)

Make your own vegan butter (coconut oil based)

Make your own coconut yoghurt (with probiotic pills)

How to make your own non dairy yoghurt

How to make your own vegan Baileys

How to make your own tofu

How to make your own tofu (with pictures)

*Note, making your own tofu can be rather difficult and also requires a little more time and equipment than other home made recipes*

How to make your own tempeh (When you make tempeh you need a starter culture as it is fermented soy beans. Also from my understanding it is important to follow the instructions as well as tempterature and storage right when making tempeh.)

Make your own seitan (Basic recipe)

Make your own bacon (rice paper)

Vegan bacon – 6 ways

Make your own vegan caramel sauce

Make your own dandelion honey

How to make firm vegan dandelion honey

Vegan whipped coconut cream

Vegan sour cream (cashew based) 


I am going to make 2 of the cheeses myself at home and post recipes and pictures once i have tested 🙂 And will add the links here once the posts are up as well – incase you want to save this post for the future!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I heard that you can just add olive oil to your bath or mix it with sugar for a body scrub? And also that rinsing your hair with vinegar water helps if it tends to be greasy.
    Thank you for putting this list together – lots of ideas here. I am definitely interested in trying to make my own cheese


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