Self care Sunday & week update

Sunday the day of rest or Sunday the day of productivity (because it is your free day) ?

My Sundays vary… some i spend doing absolutly nothing but the bare minimum. Needing the rest for the upcoming week, and other Sundays i spend doing everything i don’t get the chance to do during the weekdays such as clean, do the laundry, schedule blog posts, meal prep, do some Uni reading or work etc …..


Yesterday however was a day where i had no “musts” i just did what i felt like. The past week has been alot of work and not so much sleep so a day of mental rest was much needed.

Breakfast, coffee, some school work before heading to the gym for a short workout which was mostly just core and stretch – but very much needed! And then home to pretty much just spend it watching series and making dinner (pad thai – recipe coming up!). That was the only form of meal prep i did as i just didn’t have the energy to cook or make more than one form of food/recipe! So meal prep will be done today instead!!

Feeling rested and ready for this last week of studying for my exam which is on Thursday and then a new course starts! I must admit, even if the course (public health) is interesting, i have not been so motivated….. so many other things in my life going on so haven’t had 100% focus on school work, so i am just glad this course is coming to it’s end, hahah!


The snow and cold is back in full swing and i am missing summer more than ever! Sunshine, shorts, warm weather, not having to wear 100 layers and end up both sweating and freezing at the same time. Not to mention that the snow and rain makes you arrive at your destination (i.e school/gym/shops) dripping in water and there is no point doing your hair. But i am not going to complain (not anymore, that is!)… soon it will be summer, and might as well try to be in the present and not just focus on the future!

I was going to start this week with an appointment at the dentist (which i have been worried about/anxious over for 2 weeks!) but got a call saying that the dentist was sick, so my appointment is moved to next week instead. Which i am thankful for because that means i don’t need to go out into the snowstorm today, hahah! The rest of the day will be spent studying and trying to think of posts for this week, hahaha…. so comment any ideas or topics you would like me to write about 🙂


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    My Saturdays are a bit like that – getting everything done that I couldn’t do during the week. Its ok but often makes for a hectic day. I can`t wait until summer either, I have really had enough of this minus degree weather but coming home from my walk this morning I noted that it was actually light, meaning that the days are now slowly getting longer 🙂 So hanging on to that positive even though I still need to keep the heating on for longer!
    As for post/topic ideas – how about something on alternative remedies? What foods/herbs are good for minor aliaments such as headaches, colds etc. And so called “superfoods” – is there really such a thing or is it just commercial hype? It seems like not a week goes by when something is being portrayed as miraculous and I just wondered what you thought?
    Hope you have a good week! What are you meal prepping today? The burgers I attempted to make this morning actually turned out ok for once so I am quite pleased with that 🙂


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