Weekly meal prep

Usually Sundays are my day of meal prep, however I just wasn’t feeling it on Sunday so just made some vegan Pad Thai. Then on Monday evening i decided to sit down and write down what meals i wanted to eat for the upcoming week and did a big weekly shop (well, usually i have to do 1-2 big shops as i don’t have alot of space in the fridge or freezer.)

This weeks meal prep consisted of:

*surprise surprise* roasted vegetables

Vegan tofu mix (skagenröra)

Lentil and vegetable soup (usually i keep one in the fridge and the other in the freezer which i take out when the rest of the food such as the roasted vegetables is gone. Because the roasted vegetables and tofu need to be eaten first so that they don’t go bad or taste dry).

I also tried a new vegan mince meat to create burgers! My review on the mince meat is coming out tomorrow once i have tried the burgers (well i have tasted a little and they are delicious!)

Also hummus made from white beans.

And a vegetable, bean, tofu mix!!


I can say that i am very excited for all my upcoming meals this week, haha!

Also as you can see i put the food into different meal boxes and then when it is time to eat i add a mix of the different foods to a plate – or a new meal box to take with me to school. I.e i don’t portion out the food into meal boxes beforehand – hahah. I never know how much i want when it is time to eat!!


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  1. Milli says:

    How do you roast the vegetables.


    1. Just with oil, seasoning, salt and into the oven at c.a 225 degrees for c.a 30-40 minutes 🙂


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    You certainly are organized! Doing this must save you so much time – and bother – during the week. Do you find this works out cheaper too?
    What happens if you really fancy something you haven’t meal prepped ready?
    I plan what meals we are going to eat for the week and it makes shopping so much easier. Trouble is though I tend to fall into the rut of always having the same things week in week out so have started to make a point of making different things at weekends, trying a new recipe or food for example.


    1. It definitely saves time and money!! If i really want something then i will just buy the ingredients and make it 🙂 I am not super strict with having to eat exactly what i make – i will just freeze something if i don’t have space or if it might go bad being in the fridge too long! But usually i crave all the foods i have at home so don’t feel the need to buy anything more 🙂
      That sounds like a great idea trying new foods during the weekend!! Good with variation and to try new recipes, ingredients and you might find something new you like!


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