Challenge: Try a new food or product every week!

Yesterday i was speaking to my mum on the phone and she told me about a new challenge she has begun doing with her partner (my step dad!!). That challenge was to only buy different/new foods when they went food shopping…. to challenge themselves to try something new, think of new foods they can eat and try new recipes.  Apparently it went well though they miss a few of their normal favourites which they didn’t buy – but it made them think differently and be creative and find foods they hadn’t seen before!

I have mentioned it before, that a great challenge/idea is to try a new food or recipe each week. When i go food shopping i almost always buy the same thing…. the same vegetables, the same fruit, the same cereal, the same oat milk, the same frozen fake meat…. i know what i like, i know what is vegan and i enjoy what i eat so i don’t vary it so much. I do try to vary what beans i eat, which veggies i primarily eat that week as well as some weeks red lentils and other weeks green lentils, and some weeks mostly tofu and other weeks mostly fake meat. But in general there is not alot of variation…. it works for me though. But a great thing to do is to try a new recipe each week or that once a week find a new product to try. If you are new to veganism then it is a good way to try more vegan products and find different alternatives you like.

Another option is to just try a new recipe i.e instead of making red lentil soup why not make red lentil burgers or instead of making chickpea hummus why not make hummus from white beans etc

The past while i have been more creative with my food – sort of, such as the pad thai, vegan meat stew, vegan “meat”burgersVegan tofu mix (skagenröra), tofu scramble, butternut squash and red lentil soup, sweet potato and quinoa balls, etc and when i was creating the ebook it also made me test new recipes!

It is not an everyday thing, mostly because of time and economy… i.e i don’t have the money to buy lots of different ingredients for different recipes or buy lots of new food items, but once or twice a week it is fun to try something new.

So a challenge for YOU is to try a new recipe or new product atleast once a week. Maybe during the weekends if you have more time? It is a good way to find new foods you might like, vary what you eat and just get creative with cooking. You don’t even need to follow a recipe, why not just try creating your own burgers or your own soup or your own bean balls and see how it goes? Or why not try baking something new?

I am going to stick with trying something new atleast once a week but maybe more… not only for the sake of variety, but also so i can share it on here 🙂 Show more variation with vegan food and not just bean, vegetables and lentils hahah!

Also if you do decide to join this challenge, i would love to hear about the new vegan* dishes you try or new vegan* food! (Even if you aren’t vegan or don’t eat 100% plant based you can still try this challenge and try new vegan or non vegan recipes/products!)

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    This is a great challenge! I try to make weekends the one point of the week where I cook something different than the usual week-day things and its nice to have something different! I`m not sure I could replace all my weekly shop with new things though, there are too many foods which I like too much 🙂 This weekend I am cooking Chinese, but having noodles instead of the usual rice and adding lychees to the wok. So all that remains to be seen is if I like it! I`m also going to try going to a different shop for my main shopping next week, you never know – they may have some different things that my usual shop doesn’t sell 🙂


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