New vegan foods! (Newly found vegan products!)

Friday and that means only one day until the weekend, new music on Spotify and also…. a post with newly found vegan products (or new vegan products on the market!)

Throughout the week i stumble upon new products which are accidently vegan, or new vegan food on sale! These might be some tips for you if you’re new to veganism, or just so show new foods that might be available to you 🙂 Lots of different products today!!

So first off… ovo-vegetarian ravioli which is now vegan!! Before there was egg in the pasta dough, but now they have updated the recipe and the dough no longer contains egg!! This might not be a product i choose to buy or eat, but who knows… maybe sometime i am craving some ravioli or i need some quick on the go food and this is a great option! *Note, photos from facebook*


Second… new coconut yoghurt (available in Sweden anyway!).  I am looking forward to trying the mango one. They are a bit pricy (almost 20kr = €2 for such a little yoghurt pot) bt i need to try one of them atleast!screenshot_20180215-1502051.png


New vegan butter based on olive oil! I can’t wait to find this and try it. Not sure how it will taste, but it is great that it is free from palm oil. Otherwise i like to use Naturli vegan spread which is also free from palm oil.


Image result for naturli bredbar smör <– the spread i usually use!! (Tastes amazing!)


Chocolate “crisps” from Lidl. Not all of them are vegan, so double check the ingredients!!! But i think the dark and orange ones are vegan anyway! If i pass a Lidl someday i am going to check to see if they sell these as i really want to trye them 🙂


Next up, vegan pesto with tofu!! I think the previous post i made with new vegan products also had a new pesto. I don’t eat pesto so often and usually make my own (it’s not hard at all!), but i definitely want to try these with some pasta once i get the chance!!


Vegan ferrero rocher (why is is so hard to spell ferrero rocher right??”). Apparently they were accidently vegan and just a limited edition… so don’t think i will find them – i guess i will just have to make my own until vegan ones are available always!

Source: floralfrosting


Anamma has released 3 “new” vegan frozen foods. They aren’t really new, just an updated recipe from their old one! As i wrote in THIS post, their new minced meat is amazing and perfect for making burgers or balls. And the new “vegobites” which are an updated recipe are ok… i prefered the old recipe though!


And 3 vegan biscuits which i didn’t know was vegan!! Though double check the ingredients before you buy, just incase!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. [ Smiles ] Thank you for letting me know of the existence of these new vegan products!


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I`m surprised the biscuits are all vegan too! They sell all three here and I`ve had them before – the Hob Nobs are particularly good 🙂
    Coconut yogurt – the one we`ve got is expensive too, don`t know why. But for a treat now and again its quite nice!
    I have never tried pesto – how do you make your own?
    Love these new foods posts – just wish more of the products were available here 🙂 But we`ve got Ben and Jerry`s at last so I shouldn’t complain!


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