Monday 19th 2018 – Update!

Hello and good morning everyone!!

A new week has rolled around and i have to say, i actually like Mondays alot. They may not be my favourite day, but i like the feeling of ” a new week with new opportunities”. What i don’t like about Mondays though is the stress of everyone around…. during weekends it is always so calm and not alot of people are out and about or at the gym. Or i can go to school and sit and study and barely anyone is there (you need a card to get in the school buildings during the weekends!). But then on weekdays when everyone goes back to their normal schedule there are people everywhere, all the time… hahah!

My week is starting with a dentist appointment after last weeks appointment was cancelled. And then in the evening i am going to be looking at an apartment i might rent for summer/autumn as my contract for my current apartment will be up then.

Another favourite thing about Mondays is that all the food stores come out with new special offers for the week. It is one of my favourite things to do, to look at the different special offers which food stores have…. hahah. And i usually plan what i will make and meal prep for the week based on those special offers! I even saw that they have a special offer on vegan ben and jerrys, so might have to get that to celebrate the release of my ebook! (Once again, thank you so much to those of you have purchased it or just supported me and sent me kind messages, it means so much to me! )

Also if anyone else love browsing through the special offers in stores? (One thing that upsets me though is how cheap meat and dairy are. They are almost always cheap but still always have special offers on them….. During summer when i worked in food stores, whenever there was a special price on bacon or ham or certain dairy products people would go crazy and buy so much of them…..:( If anything i think they should raise the price of meat and dairy not keep lowering the price. A good thing to ask yourself if you eat meat and dairy is, how and why can it be so cheap? If you do eat meat or dairy, atleast you could go for local and organic (?) meat/dairy/eggs the times you do eat meat/dairy/eggs.)


I was planning to write goals for this week, but i really don’t have any… or not any new goals from the previous weeks, so it would just be a repetition of before. So maybe next week i will have some different goals to share!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    What type of workout do you do? Do you have a goal with your training or is it just for fun and wellbeing?


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I`ve noticed that with meat too – the shops often have it on special offer and it annoys me why they can`t do the same for fruit and veg.
    I hope your apartment viewing went well – are you looking towards having your own place now?
    Have a good week 🙂


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