Pre packaged and portion sized foods

Sometimes it feels like plastic and waste is everywhere and so hard to avoid – especially if you buy all your food in food stores like myself. There are of course ways you can minimize plastic and waste such as bringing your own bags to the store, not using plastic bags for fruit and veggies and if possible going to a farmers market to buy fresh produce which is not only cheaper but most likely organic as well (though not always the case!).

What i began thinking about though is all the prepackaged and primarily portion sized food there is in the supermarket. And they are a huge “no-no” if you are trying to minimize plastic and waste.

Example if you buy one of those candy bags where all the candies are individually wrapped and then all together in one big bag. Or even the mini cereal boxes where each cereal portion has it’s own box and then all the boxes are wrapped in plastic. (And i have seen the same with muesli which even comes with a small package of milk which you mix). Even portion sized peanut butter in it’s own small tube and then all the portions come in a box…..

So much plastic and waste. The worst of them all though is the small espresso shots/coffee pots which example N’espresso machines use…. they are terrible for the environment and planet considering that for just one small coffee you may use 1-2 small pots. I even think Germany put a ban on coffee pots/pods. (read here as well).

Image result for coffee pods

Prepackaged and portion sized food can be good if you are on the go example bars or small yoghurt pots or even small portions of fruit and nuts. Or they can be a good way to control portion sizes and so you don’t overeat. However the best for both the environment and your wallet is to buy bigger packs where the food isn’t individually wrapped. Not only does it last longer, it is usually cheaper but also less packaging.

The optimal would of course be to go for the food items with minimal packaging, but you have to realistic as well and choose the foods you like and enjoy and not just based on how much plastic they are wrapped in, hahah.

Have you seen or bought any products where you have been shocked at how much plastic they are wrapped in?

I think the long, thin chewing gum (can’t remember the name) is one of the worst i have seen/bought. Each chewing gum is individually wrapped in some paper, then all placed in the small container/box and then wrapped in plastic!! Even poptarts is another food where so much wrapping is used.

I understand that it is necessary to keep the food safe and keep it from going bad or molding, but they’re should be better options or material used!!!

Image result for mini raisins

Also now when i think about it, things such as the small raisin tubs, microwave rice, small pots of fruit are all rather unnecessary. I understand that they are good for on the go or if you don’t have alot of time, or even for kids…. I guess there just needs to be a better material/wrapping/container form used instead of plastic!

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    About portion packs – there was a bit of a call here for more foods to be made available in single size portions rather than large quantities in a drive to lowering obesity and to teach people correct portion control! I can see their point to an extent – a person is more likely to eat a whole “sharing sized” bar of chocolate than several smaller bars, or eat a whole family sized packet of crisps rather than several standard packs. But if someone is set on eating something they will eat it regardless of the quantity size, just more of it! What happened to common sense and self control? As for the amount of packaging in these goods that has just got silly. Things are wrapped and boxed and then celophened . The worst for this is Amazon – the amount of times I have received my order and it is packed in a huge box with extra packing material inside – totally unnecessary!
    The larger sizes of food are often cheaper and better value too. Whats stopping people taking things like raisins or nuts for lunch boxes and putting what they need in a re usable Tupperware pot? We don`t need all the extra packaging.


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