Topic requests!!!

Now that i have a little more freetime i am going to focus a little more on blogging again 🙂 It hasn’t been my first priority the past while with other things to focus on in my life!

However… i don’t really know what to post about and don’t have any topics to write about. Some mornings i wake up with inspiration and write 1-3 posts to schedule throughout the week, and other times i have 0 inspiration or motivation and then it can go days where i don’t blog because i just don’t know what to write about.

So it would be amazing if you could send me some post ideas!! I know some prefer to email or DM me on Instagram, so that is fine as well, would just love to get some feedback or ideas on what to post about!


Whether more recipes, more vegan posts, more nutrition posts, more lifestyle etc

I know i have been asked to post about my workouts and workout routine, but if i am honest i am barely working out at the moment (or barely for me anyway.). Too much stress, anxiety and other things in my life going on so haven’t really put so much effort into my workouts and haven’t had any goals with my exercise…. so i have skipped the gym alot more often the past few weeks than i have gone to the gym, haha. That’s ok though, that’s life and my life doesn’t revolve around working out and the gym like it did before – now i have other priorties which take up my time and energy! 🙂

Anyway, if you have any questions or topics comment below (or contact me in some other way hahah)! 


7 Comments Add yours

  1. B says:

    A post on exercise soreness would be interesting!


  2. gravity6073 says:

    The choice to be vegan and labelled disordered eating


  3. Paula says:

    Maybe you could write something about sweden and how you‘d start living there. I‘m going to immigrate there one day. 🇸🇪


  4. anonymous says:

    Do you think you will always work with/on social media or would you ever want to work in an office or day job?

    I know you say you miss your dog so will you bring your dog to your new place if you can?

    What are 5 of your favourite gym exercises?


  5. jarunkacube says:

    I’d love to read about the journey how you managed to publish an e-book.
    I have a foodblog (more than 5 years now) and loads of recipes and publishing a cookbook is a dream of mine for a long period now. But I don’t know what are the necessary steps.
    You need to make a contract with somebody? Or you could just write a pdf and sell it with no rules? This doesn’t seems how it works, but I don’t know what’s behind the scenes.
    Can you let me know?
    Thank you!

    Also I’d love to see more posts of your Day-in-a-life, what I ate in a day, recipes.. and lot of pictures!!
    Have an amazing day, Izzy, take care!
    Love you
    ||Jar|| aka butterfingers_in_the_kitchen


  6. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Has your own typical diet changed since you`ve been studying health/nutrition?
    If you see people around you eating less than healthy food choices are you or have you ever said anything to them?
    More posts about how we can minimise waste, recycle etc.
    Posts about how to cook vegan on a budget with perhaps simple and cheap meal ideas
    More on vegan food “hacks” / personal care “hacks”
    continued posts like food reviews/ foods you have “found” / restaurant reviews / new foods/dishes you have tried and what you thought of them, day in my life, recipes you have created
    A post on the difference between a sweet potato and a normal potato – why is the sweet potato counted as one of your five a day when a normal potato isn’t
    ………..and what to say/how to respond when someone disagrees with your choice to be vegan!
    Oh and something I stumbled across recently and couldn’t decide – silk. (as in material/underwear) Is it vegan?
    Suggestions/ideas and recipes for Easter food!


  7. caroljoanne1969 says:

    – How about a “weekly/fortnightly food “topic” – ie one week you could feature a food, say beans – with how to cook them and some simple meal/recipe ideas? Other weeks you could feature more foods such as pasta/grains, different vegetables etc?
    – and “raw cakes” – I would love to able to make one!
    Posts on exercise and general well – being, looking after yourself. Updates about the exercise you have been doing


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