Bean pasta with a creamy sun dried tomato and basil sauce

Friday evening and for the sake of variation i decided to make a pasta dish for dinner. 95% of the time i either eat lentil-potato-vegetable soup or roasted veggies and roasted potatoes with tofu for my dinner (and lunch!). These meals are just my favourite and almost always have these foods prepared in my fridge, ready to eat.

Though, like i wrote in a post a while ago, i want to try to eat different food and try a new recipe each week. (I have infact tried a new recipe this week which didn’t really turn out as i had hoped, but might share it anyway tomorrow or next week!).

For Friday dinner i threw together a super simple meal which took around 15 minutes in total to make. There is no direct recipe as i just threw together the ingredients but as so many people asked me for the recipe i thought i would share it anyway!!



Bean pasta (as many portions as you like!)

Oat cooking cream

Premade sundried tomato and basil sauce (pretty sure sundried tomato pesto or just crushed tomatoes works just as well!)

Corn starch, c.a 1/2 tbs

Frozen vegetables

Oumph kebab (can use tempeh, tofu etc or just omit this ingredient)

How to

Cook up the pasta according to instructions.

In a pan fry the oumph kebab (if using tofu i recommend you marinate it in something or maybe fry with some oil, garlic, onion and salt!).

In a third pot, pour c.a 2-3dl oat milk, 0,5-1dl tomato/sundried tomato sauce and the cornstarch. Boil on medium heat and whisk until it thickens.

When the pasta has done cooking pour away the water and add some of the frozen veggies (or defrost the veggies and then add them). When the sauce begins to thicken add it to the pasta and mix. Lastly add the oumph (tofu/tempeh) and mix.  Eat and enjoy!

Very simple but delicious nonetheless!! It really doesn’t require much of a recipe, and i am sure any sauce such as cheese sauce, pesto, tomato sauce or just plain old ketchup is just as good! Also bean pasta which contains both flour and beans is  a great source of protein! (If you want to knowmore about bean pasta vs regular pasta read here)


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Do you ever make pasta salads? I don`t eat a lot of pasta but if I do I prefer it cold and as a salad with mixed veggies etc. This recipe looks good though 🙂


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