Weekend recap and doing things that make you anxious

Good morning everyone!

Once again a new week has rolled around, and i love Mondays so i don’t mind! This week is going to consist of school work, group work, hospital appointment and trying to be out in the sun as much as possible. It is still minus degrees, but the sun shining makes such a difference to energy, motivation and overall happiness according to me!


Instead of writing my goals for this week as i don’t have any (I might write a post with goals for March!), i thought i would instead do a recap of my weekend.

As i wrote in my previous post, here, i was asked if i wanted to go to a crossfit workout with a friend. A part of me wanted to say yes, the other part i.e the anxiety in my brain was screaming “No….”. However i had to just go against that anxiety and said yes anyway, even if my anxiety was still screaming no, and i began worrying unnecessarily about all these little things. When the morning rolled around i still felt anxiety and i had begun to get a stomach pain from my anxiety (which often happens and is one of the reasons i have to cancel different plans because my anxiety gives me such a stomach pain that i feel like i physically can’t leave the house.) and i wanted to cancel the plans. But i knew the only way to overcome the anxiety is to face it and that is what i did.

And you know what…. i had a great time. Not only was the workout fun (short but intense as it was just a free trial workout!), but also had a good time with my friend. As well as meeting a girl who goes the same program as us (my friend and I), but she is about to graduate in summer (so a year ahead of us). We could get some advice from her and hear about the upcoming courses, which ones are good and which ones aren’t as good, but also hear her experience of internship and how she was working with nutrition and health. It was very beneficial to hear all that information from her and hear how she was doing health consultations and had her own business/company as well as doing talks/lectures. Basically what i want to do, but have always thought i needed to have my degree before i could start. (Apparently, i could have already started with health consultations and nutrition consultations after my first year was done!).


I had worried so much and felt so anxious but the day turned out so amazing and i know i would have felt even more anxiety if i had missed out. Infact, once i got home i began to look for crossfit courses or memberships because i loved it so much (I did a 4 week crossfit course in 2016 which i loved, and have wanted to get back into crossfit since then but the membership is so expensive that i can’t afford it. However when i work and earn money i might have to invest in a crossfit membership!!).

After that, my friend and i met up with another friend of ours and played Laserdome and it was basically us and lots of 10 year olds who were extremely good at the game. Not to mention they had come prepared wearing all black clothes and they were so short that you couldn’t see them hiding… whereas my friends and I had clothes that reflected in the dark making us visible as well as being so tall that it was hard to hide. Safe to say we didn’t win! Also can mention that laserdome is not good for my anxiety…. i don’t like games like laserdome or even computer games where you have all this tension, stress, anxiety and even worry… it can send me into panic mode. So i don’t think i will be playing laserdome again, but atleast i have tried it!!

Sunday was a day of rest/self care for me. Sleeping in, cleaning the whole apartment and all the small places where dust and crumbles or grease stains have left their mark! Followed by a walk in the sun, a workout (feeling extra motivated since the crossfit workout!), buying some food to make one of my favourite foods (rice paper rolls) and then spending the afternoon in bed barely checking social media or anything… just resting, which was very much needed!! Even if i had a great time with friends on Saturday it does drain me of energy, so usually i need a day to just be by myself after a day spent with people. Introvert problems i guess!!


Anyway, i am looking forward to this week… mostly because each week that passes the closer to summer and sunshine… even if that also means worrying about a summer job and living under the summer, but that is for another post! haha

I hope you all have a great week! And remember that sometimes you need to face the things that give you anxiety and realise that it is not as bad as you think. It is the worry and the anxiety beforehand that is worst, but once it is done you realise it wasn’t as bad as your mind made you think it would be!!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Well done for going against your anxiety – that is so hard to do. I`m glad you had such a great time! Hopefully you can build on this breakthrough and use the confidence it has given you for the next time you are faced with a situation 🙂


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