The process of creating an ebook

I was also asked about the process of writing an ebook and if i am honest, i don’t know if i am the best person to ask advice about this because i am still unsure myself. As far as i can understand you can just write together something and then sell it as long as you have not plagiarized i.e you can not earn money using anyone elses photos or texts. Also when it comes to recipes you can’t earn money using someone elses recipes – however this is kind of difficult considering that many recipes are very similar. I.e i used inspiration from others but adapted the recipe so that it was different from an original recipe. Now a days it is hard to create something completely new when it comes to food as almost all creations and combos have been created. But to put it simply – you can’t just take a recipe from another recipe book or from someone elses blog and then publish it yourself because then it is plagiarizing and stealing, and then same goes with photos and text.

This is something to be aware of for blogging as well, if you do use another persons photo or text you always need to source them properly and many times even get permission with posting it on your blog. (I usually use free photos when i haven’t taken my own, or i source the photo.)

And then of course you need to be aware of things like taxes and VAT. So the site i use to sell my ebook, payhip, takes care of the international VAT but i need to take care of the swedish tax myself. So i of course write down and log all the money i do earn from my social media and the ebook so i know how much i earn and what amount of tax i need to pay on it – or if i need to pay any tax at all (as you need to reach a minimum amount of income before you pay tax and as a student i don’t think i earn that much from my social media to need to pay tax on it, not yet anyway.)

If there are any other legal things i really don’t know. I was so uncertain and still am…. i tried to google and figure out so many questions i had but couldn’t really find any answers. It feels like now a days everyone is selling an ebook.

I guess the things to be aware of is no plagiarizing, paying the right amount of tax and also if you do write a nutrition ebook then you can’t diagnose or give individual advice (i.e you can’t advice people with certain illnesses to eat a certain way unless you have the qualifications for it, which would be a university dietitian degree.). So my ebook is no way a “everyone eat like this” ebook, but instead just advice and tips on nutrition, vitamins, minerals etc And as far as i am aware, pretty much anyone could write an ebook like that and sell it and not be doing anything illegal because anyone can give nutrition advice, but you can not work with people who are sick or diagnose or give medical advice if you don’t have the qualifications for it. But you can be a health coach without much qualifications….. which is why there are so many people giving nutrition advice and writing meal plans without any qualifications because they don’t really need it.

When it comes to writing an actual book or cook book there is alot more process and it takes longer and you need a book company etc And i really don’t know much about that, so it is best to contact someone who has written and published a physical book! In the future i might want to write an actual book whether it is about my own story, experiences or about veganism or nutrition i don’t know (Or a mix of both). Then of course it would be a much longer and harder process and can take 1-2 years from the start of the book process to it actually being released!

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Do you have to pay the site that sells your e-book, ie do they take a % from the sales or do you have to pay up front?


    1. The site i use to sell the ebook (Payhip) take 5% of the sales, and then i pay VAT for all sales which i think is 2-3 dollars per ebook as well as tax here in Sweden on the total sales 🙂 So i haven’t really “earned” anything from the sale of the ebook considering the time i spent on it as well as the money i spent on groceries, but i didn’t do it for the sake of money, but because i wanted to share the information i have and also do something i have wanted to do for a while but kept myself back! So i am just glad i put the work in and achieved the goal or creating and selling an ebook!!


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