Red lentil and sweet potato soup

Yesterday my family and I were going to have lunch with some other family members. We wanted to make something quick, vegan and warm and my sister suggested we make soup!! And then i suggested we make my favourite lentil and sweet potato soup with some bread and salad.

There isn’t much of a recipe or measurements, it’s just to throw together the ingredients and add more water/oatmilk/salt/seasoning according to taste.



400g red lentils

C.a.800g sweet potato

Vegetable fond

400ml coconut milk or oat cream

1 can crushed tomatoes


How to: begin with cooking the sweet potato with vegetable fond before adding the red lentils and crushed garlic. After c.a 10 minutes add the crushed tomatoes and lastly coconut milk/oat cream. Season according to taste.

Either eat as it is or puree with a handmixer! Eat with some bread and maybe croutons or roasted seeds!!!

Also you can add other vegetables like carrots, onion, butternut squash to the mix 🙂 also i like to add beans and sweet corn if i don’t puree the soup!!

This is one of my favourite soups and is very filling!!! Really doesn’t require a recipe or measurements!! 🙂 super simple to make and perfect now with the snow and minus degrees! Also, perfect to combine with some freshly baked scones!!!

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    This looks really good and so warming!
    Have you ever made soda bread to go with your soup? Its incredibly quick and easy as you don`t have to yeast it and you can make it with normal flour – not strong bread flour, so it uses ingredients you`ll probably already have at home
    I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family!


    1. Thank you. I made soda bread in the past 2013 i think, but the recipes i have seen have requierd buttermilk i think so haven’t made it as a vegan… i usually just combine with scones or some other quick bread. But i might find some irish soda bread recipe that is vegan!!!


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