Vegan and studying health- eating according to recommendations/people watching what i eat

Whenever people find out that i am vegan and studying health/nutrition i find that people begin to analyse my eating. It’s not my friends or close family, but those who don’t really know me and i guess they think that 1) if i am vegan i eat really healthy and 2) because im studying nutrition i eat according to portion sizes and nutrition recommendations. It’s like i have to be a perfect example of how to eat when i eat with others.

The truth is, just because i know the food ans nutrition recommendations doesn’t mean i eat according to them everymeal. Portion sizes are just a recommendation but not a “one size fits all”. I.e its ok to eat more than one portion if you need it or want it. And just because the “plate model” is a recommendation doesn’t mean i always eat according to that model. Just like with salt and sugar. I do salt my food, sometimes more than recommended and i eat processed food when i want it.

I get many questions from people wondering how i can learn about nutrition and food and not let it affect my eating. And that is because i have those as a guideline, but i know my body well enough to listen to my bodies signals. I.e somedays i need several portions of food, somedays i eat just potatoes and avocado and otherdays i eat salad with tofu and no carbs. Not every meal has to be according to the recommendations, but it is about overall balance and intake.

Too many people focus on what others are eating when they should infact focus on their own intake and if they are eating healthy for them.

Also, i was asked if i ever comment about other people’s intake such as if people are eating junk food or if people are eating non vegan. And the answer is no… i never comment on other peoples food or intake, it is non of my business. Infact i find that my family who aren’t vegan and don’t study nutrition are far more eager to comment on other peoples intake than I am. Of course if someone asks me if something is healthy/how to eat I’ll answer, but healthy eating is also sp individual. I.e i can’t say if someone is eating healthy or not based on just one meal, but i can talk about the nutritional value if they ask me.

My thinking is that people have to ask me for my advice or pay for a health consultation if they want it. Otherwise it is non of my business how and what others eat and it is not my place to judge either!!

The best is to focus on your own eating and eat what is best for you and your health!! Not to mention, you can’t judge how a persons total intake is from just one meal. One thing i hate is when people comment that i eat alot when they have no idea how much or little i have eaten beforehand or how much or little i will eat later in the day. Not to mention othet factors such as exercise,lifestyle and hormones that also impact hunger and energy requirements!!!!


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