Eating out as a vegan – Mosebacke etablissement & food wastage thoughts

Often i get asked by people how it is when i go out to eat as a vegan – whether there are options available or whether i feel excluded because i eat vegan. And my answer 90% of the time is, it is no problem to go out and eat as a vegan – as long as i amn’t going to a steakhouse where the chance of vegan food is 0… or maybe a pure seafood restaurant, then the chances of getting a vegan option is slim.

But most places will atleast have salad or fries they can offer!!


I don’t go out to eat so often (i.e living on a student budget doesn’t leave much room for eating out. Also when i eat with friends we prefer to just cook food at home/make meals together!). But when i do go out i usually go to places i know are good and are vegan – because why waste money on a meal that might not even be good when you already have your favourites. However, it also means i don’t really try any new places.

As i mentioned in a previous post, HERE, i got the book EatSweden where there are 10 different vegetarian restaurants and cafes where you can (with the purchase of the book) eat 2 for 1. It is a good way to try new places and hopefully find new cafes/restaurants to enjoy!


So my mum and i went to mosebacke etablissement which is a restaurant in Stockholm. They aren’t primarily vegetarian or vegan, and the book coupon was only valid for their dinner menu however as we were there we decided to try their lunch buffet which was available.



I can’t say i was impressed with the vegan options i.e just one vegetable fond based vegetable soup, 3 different types of “salad” as well as a vegan tomato soup and bread. It wasn’t so much on offer, however the tomato soup and bread was super delicious and if that hadn’t been available i would have left the restaurant feeling hungry and having to eat more once i got home (i.e not a good restaurant experience!!). Though the soup and bread was super delicious so i can’t really complain, atleast there was something available. Was it worth 125kr (c.a 13 euro)… no, not really considering i just ate the soup and bread. But now i have tried their lunch and i have been told that their dinner menu has vegan options which i should try – so i might go back there next time i am in Stockholm and try their dinner menu!



Also, i recently made a post on my IG talking about food wastage and using leftovers. When i am at home i rarely throw away food, only if i find insects or bugs in example salad or different kale (i am EXTREMELY sensitive to that and infact there are certain foods i can’t eat because i have found insects in them). However yesterday at the restaurant, i just couldn’t finish the salad on my plate… i didn’t think it tasted good at all, it was some weird flavours which weren’t enjoyable. And that made me think about the food wastage, and i did feel rather guilty that i couldn’t eat that food – especially as i had recently made a post about food wastage.

But that also made me think how the biggest problem of food wastage is infact restaurants, cafes, bakeries and supermarkets. This is of course i should write a seperate post about….. but the amount of food waste in those areas is crazy. I mean when it comes to buffets people always take more than they can eat, or in my case… they take food they don’t like and don’t finish… and that food has to be thrown away.

I am seeing more sites and apps where you can buy food from restaurants for 50% off because it is the “leftovers” from the lunch. Or where food packages that can’t be sold for different reasons is instead sold via other sites. Because the food is still perfectly fine to eat just maybe the package is a little dented or it has passed the best buy date but is still safe to eat. Also seeing that stores and bakeries are selling baked goods and bread for reduced price the next day so that it doesn’t go to waste. All those things make a difference, even if there is still a lot of food wastage!!!

Just some extra thoughts which i wanted to share!

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Here some supermarkets have an arrangement with local charities to take their “waste” veg and bakery items to be used in soup kitchens for the homeless. But these are in their minority and its not a nation wide thing. I think some local Kentucky fried chicken restaurants also have a similar arrangement for their left over chicken but again it is a very localised thing. It would be great if arrangements like these were to become standard policies as it would benefit a whole lot of people instead of surplus food just going to waste.


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