New vegan products! (Rice pudding, yoghurts, Gardein!)

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but realised now that i had never actually pressed the publish button!! I’ve missed a few Fridays with my weekly segment of new vegan foods…. but i haven’t really come across anything “new”, so instead i have saved the ones i found until i had compiled enough 🙂 So here are some of the new vegan foods i have found!! (Of whether they are available to you or not depends on what country you live in 😦 )

New fake meat from the brand Gardein. A few of their products were available in Sweden, but i don’t think they sold so well because they were so expensive and now they are very hard to find *again* in Sweden. But if you are in the USA you should try the brand Gardein if you like fake meat substitutes!

New M&M similar snacks! Either sea salted peanut or sea salted almond!! These look amazing i hope they will be available in Sweden (or maybe there is already a similar thing here!)


While scrolling through IG i came across this picture…. new coconut rice pudding from Tesco!! I love rice pudding and would love to be able to just go to the store and buy some instead of having to cook my own for an hour…. Also coconut rice pudding is the best!


3 new alpro soya yoghurts – not sure which countries they will be available in…. but Alpro is rather wide spread so hopefully they will be available in many countries. I am not a huge fan of small yoghurt pots – i often think they are overpriced, also i would rather eat fruit or drink a smoothie if i need an “On the go” snack, but that’s just my opinion, and i know many like small yoghurt cups, not to mention kids like them!

Alpro is coming out with a new similar to quark yoghurt with blueberry compot/sauce. I love their other flavours so want to try this once it is released 🙂


New coconut based ice cream is being released in Sweden and the flavour peanut butter sounds soooo good. If these taste good, then i am sure they will be a favourite of mine!!!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    These new products look good – I`ll have to have a look in Tescos to see if they`ve got the rice pudding – like you say it would be nice just to be able to buy some rather than have to make it all the time! They sell the smaller Alpro pots of yogurt here and I quite like them for variety of flavours but some can be quite expensive, more so the coconut ones for some reason.
    Just want to mention for all those readers who have a Marks and Spencers where they live that the food hall now carries a huge range of chilled vegan foods! A new store has just opened near me so I went to have a look at it this morning and was very impressed by their range of vegan food and brought myself a few things to try. Its so nice to see more places catering for vegetarian/vegan diets and I hope this isn’t just a “one off” because it is a newly opened store, so time will tell. I know you can make your own burgers and sausages etc but its nice just to have that option of buying something instead of having to make it and its a useful standby to have in the fridge 🙂


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