Vegan kitkat Recipe/ Vegan “kex” recipe!

One of the easiest candy bar recipes to veganize is definitely kit kat – or the swedish version called kex!


There isn’t much of a recipe so many are surprised when they realise just how easy it is to recreate and make these! Perfect for a snack or when you are craving something sweet. But also great for kids – example you could wrap them in tinfoil or golden wrapping and give to your children or if you are having a childrens party! And you can even make them sugar free by using sugar free chocolate!

As i have made these before and shared the recipe last summer, i will just link to the old post.



So simple and yummy. I have also veganized snickers before which turned out great as well: Vegan snickers bar recipe




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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    These look so good! I think its ingenious the way you come up with ideas to veganize things 🙂
    Here there are quite a few different varieties of Kit-Kat , one being peanut butter which I imagine you could veganize quite easily using jar peanut butter as you have done here and another new variety which I have just seen – Lemon Drizzle. Is there any way this could be “re-created” ?


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