Savoury tofu scramble breakfast

Savoury and late breakfasts are my thing! If i am honest, i can barely remember the last time i ate oatmeal for breakfast …. shocker i know. I think it was autumn last year… or well, not that long ago…. i have it from time to time. But often my breakfasts now a days consist of 1) Yoghurt with muesli, 2) Scones (if there are any left over), 3) Left overs such as mix of tofu, beans, potatoes (yup… if i eat breakfast later i’ll eat normal cooked food. If i have class at 8am and eat breakfast at 6 then i’ll just eat some yoghurt or fruit).

Because i eat alot more in the evenings than during the morning time and also eat rather late i.e i might eat my last meal at 22 and then fall asleep at 23, i am not so hungry in the morning. So i like to drink my coffee when i wake up and then eat something 45-60 minutes later or even longer, some mornings i am not hungry at all and will eat after a workout. Everyone is different, and i am pretty sure if i were to eat more in the mornings i wouldn’t eat as much in the evenings, this would of course be more optimal as well considering that the body and mind needs most energy during the morning and day when i am busy studying, working out etc and not during the evening/night when i don’t do so much. But for me it works…. of course it is not an optimal way of eating, haha. But i thought i would just mention this as i have gotten quite a few messages wondering about how i eat, how often i eat etc I’ll get back to writing food diaries once a week or once a fortnight aswell.

What i am loving at the moment is tofu scramble and savoury breakfasts! The recipe for my tofu scramble is in my ebook, HERE. Though this time i didn’t combine everthing together, i sepereated it for the photo before mixing it all together when i ate 🙂


If you haven’t already tried tofu scramble – you should!! And if you want the egg smell/taste you can add black salt which add the sulfur taste that eggs have! Also you can add in paprika/onion/garlic/beans to the tofu scramble when cooking!! 🙂



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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    This looks and sounds delicious 🙂
    I`m not really one for sweet breakfasts either – much prefer savoury. I love yogurt on whole grain cereal – far nicer than milk in my opinion!


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