Lentil pasta with sweet potato cheese sauce

When browsing the aisles in the food store i came across lentil pasta which i had never seen from this brand before. I know that there is lentil pasta made from almost only lentils but i have always found it a little pricey (university student who needs to be money-smart, haha!). So when i found this brand which was c.a 50% cheaper than the other lentil pasta i decided to give it a try.

I have tried their other bean pasta which tastes great and because it is made from flour as well as beans it doesn’t go as dry as pure chickpea or other bean pastas do. (this brand conains c.a 30% yellow lentils. I.e more flour than lentils, but that makes it not as dry as other chickpea or bean pastas i have tried. I.e best to eat it fresh or it will be too dry the next day. Whereas this pasta works fine to eat cold the next day!)


I decided to cook up the pasta and make a sweet potato cheese sauce. Might sound strange adding carbs on carbs or making a “cheese” sauce from potatoes, but it actually tastes delicious. Is it like cheese… ?no, it is not i.e it doesn’t have that stringy texture nor does it have a cheese taste, but i think it is delicious anyway. And i never liked melted cheese so it is not something i miss or want to recreate anyway!


I am sure you have seen the potato cheese sauce in otherplaces, but here is how i made mine!



Pasta of choice

1 medium sweet potato (boiled and peeled)

2 carrots (boiled and peeled) – can use white potato instead

c.a 1dl oat cream (soya cream works as well!)

c.a 0,5-1dl nutritional yeast

Some water to thin the sauce if necessary

Seasoning: Salt, pepper and i used garlic powder

How to:

Boil the pasta according to instructions. Peel and boil the sweet potato and carrots if you haven’t already done that. (chop into small pieces so it boils quicker)

Once the pasta is done cooking, pour away the water and allow to cool.

Once the sweet potato and carrots are done cooking, allow to cool slightly before adding to a food processer with the rest of the ingredients. Mix until smooth and add more water or oat cream if necessary. The more oatcream you use the creamier the sauce will be (and the more nutritional yeast you add the more cheesey flavour the sauce will have.)

Keep mixing until the sauce is completly smooth and the thickness according to preference (i prefer mine a little thicker and not too watery.)

Then mix the sauce with the pasta and add whatever else you like such as tofu or vegetables.

Serve and eat warm!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yaya says:

    It Does sound wierd when you say ”add carbs on carbs” but it totally makes sense to add cheese on pasta 🙂 try to se food for What it is and tastes like rather than What it contains, and you will get a more natural relationship to it and it will be more tasteful! Next time maybe you Can try vegan cheese instead, I think that will have a more cheesy taste and texture:) however it looks amazing!


  2. Rachel says:

    Yum! This looks so tasty! I’m always weary of trying these kinds of pastas, though I see them everywhere! You’ve given me the confidence to give them a try!


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