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Tuesday and a long day in school – came home from the gym feeling super hungry and tired. And then when i checked the post i saw i had gotten a random package from Smiling which is a company that sells nuts, dried fruit, different drinks and now recently released 3 “snack bars”.  Their concept is fair trade and sustainable production and they co-operate with the local farmers in Africa where the nuts are grown/produced. They have created jobs for the farmers and make sure that they are treated fairly and have good working conditions. So not only is the company great, so are their products!



This is not a co-operation, i didn’t even know i was going to be sent these bars!

I received 2 of their new snack bars: Carrot cake and cacao/coffee.

They are made with nuts, dried fruit as well as oats.


Ii had planned to maybe take a picture of the bars or chop one up and add to yoghurt or some oatmeal, but i was so hungry that i ended up eating both bars before i got the chance to take a picture (hahahah. Great food blogger, i know! But that just shows how amazing they were, i didn’t even get the chance to picture them!)


So what did i think of the bars? Both super delicious and taste amazing. I love coffee so i liked the coffee taste in the chocolate/coffee flavoured bar. And you can’t go wrong with carrot cake snack bar!! I would 10/10 buy these/eat these again. The only negative is that they are rather small – i.e i had to eat bars just to still my hunger (and then ate even more afterwards). However as something sweet with your coffee or as a morning snack these would be great!! Or even a great pre workout snack as i did feel a rush of energy afterwards!! So thumbs up for these bars 🙂

There is also a ginger and lemon flavour which i will have to buy in the store and try later on 🙂

I’ve been asked about different snack bars before so this will definitely be a recommendation!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    How nice to receive this surprise parcel just when you felt really hungry 🙂
    The bars sound really yummy and great flavours!


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