Normalizing veganism

Sometimes i wonder, why is vegan food or veganism still seen as abnormal…. why is eating meat and dairy seen as the normal thing?

I was talking to my step dad several weeks ago and he said that vegetarian food should be the normal… that when you go out to eat vegan/vegetarian food should be the normal thing you are served, and then if you want meat you ask for it as extra. Not that all dishes have meat/fish/dairy and you have to make a bunch of changes in the meal to make it vegan, or that you have to try to compose your own meal out of side orders.

Something i have also thought about is… why do vegans get so much hate?Ok, well i can partly understand it. There are certain millitant vegans who can make the vegan community seem very extreme and unwelcoming as well as judgemental… but you know what, all vegans have their ways of activism and why shame each others methods. The fact is that when you begin to educate yourself about the meat and dairy industry it is hard to not feel overwhelmed and angry at the world… angry at the amount of animals killed each day just so that people can eat the meat. Or how many animals are tested on for beauty and household products, or how many animals are killed for the skin or fur….. once you begin to realise this it is hard to not want to try to convert everyone to veganism and make everyone else aware of what is happening. However my personal opinion is that forcing people to eat vegan or shaming others for their food choices is not a good idea…. though each to their own, and if someone wants to spread vegan activism that way, then that is their choice and it does make a difference.

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What i find strange is when vegans are called the extreme and strange ones, when in actuality all vegans are trying to do is not kill animals or contribute to animal deaths. They are trying to live compassionate lives where animals don’t have to die for them to eat. Where animals aren’t caged up and tested on. I don’t understand what people think is extreme about that? (Of course there are certain vegans who are very extreme i.e won’t use things like sticky notes that might have animal glue on them, or fruit that may have beeswax in the coating etc… at times it can go too far and make life and living unpractical). But if you look at the reason behind going and being vegan you realise there is nothing extreme about it….. In Western society most people don’t need to eat animal products to be healthy (There are some who do need animal products to be healthy due to illnesses. But for the majority of people there is just laziness, unwillingness to change and 100 excuses as to why they can’t go vegan.)

It just baffles me why veganism is seen as strange or extreme. Why people are so against veganism….. going against violence, against animal cruelty, against killing animals… how is that extreme? I think it is mostly the person consciousness… they don’t want to admit that they are eating a dead animal. They don’t want to admit to themselves that an animal has died for their fur jacket or for the food on their plate and so instead call vegans extreme and stupid when infact it is just their own bad consciousness….  But also their lack of knowledge of what vegans stand for and how easy it can be to live and eat vegan. Many think it is more complicated than it actually is.

Veganism should be the normal. Vegan food should be the standard. Why is meat always on the menu but you have to ask for a side menu or a seperate menu to get vegan or vegetarian options. Why are there always ads for meat and dairy?

Of course times are changing and more and more people are going vegan and becoming aware. However there are still plenty of people who are eating extra meat just to spite vegans and gladly send pictures of dead animals or pictures of their meat to vegans (yup… i’ve had people privately DM me pictures of their meat plates and meant it in a negative way. blocked directly!).

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Let’s make vegan normal!!!  The more people who eat vegan food on the daily and who swap milk for plant based milk and swap meat for vegan alternatives or tofu or beans the better. It shouldn’t be strange when someone orders a bean burger instead of a meat burger, it shouldn’t be strange to ask for oatmilk instead of cows milk (Infact, that should be the standard!), it shouldn’t be an inconveniece to eat or buy vegan food no matter where you are… it should just be the normal!!

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  1. Lily says:

    yes yes yes!I can agree with 100% but have to add that it’s a kind of habit of people to eat meat, because in the past it used to be a luxury item, or you raised the animals for yourself, but it helped people to not be ectremely malnourished, whereas now we have an abundance of food, and it’s completely possible to eat fully plant based. I know that it’s hard to admit that what you’ve been doing your entire life is wrong, but we should see it, I agree!I just don’t understand why people get angry at vegetarians/vegans even if they don’t say a word about meat eaters choices… But maybe it’s the same anger that people have towards anyone who is slightly different.
    Thank you, this was a very thoughtful post:)


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I think veganism is seen as “abnormal” because generally speaking, people who are vegan are a minority compared to those who eat meat and dairy. And society caters for the majority, not the minority however unfair this is. Also, many people haven’t the first clue about what being vegan really means and entails, ie they don`t understand it so they shun it.
    But times are gradually changing and the number of people going vegan is on the rise. When this happens more significantly veganism will no longer be regarded as a minority so therefore will be more widely accepted and catered for in society.


  3. Josephine says:

    Oh yes i feel you 100% !!! When i first went vegan though i was such a preachy annoying little pain in the ass for my family. It just made them even more against veganism tbh. I soon stopped doing that and just did my own and they did theirs and now my mom is fully vegan (well except for when she feels its too inconvenient or rude or whatever) but at least at home she is! Also my brothers are more open to it and don’t ban veganism and are more and more curious. Leading by example is definitely the way to go imo! In saying so: It is horrendous that it’s still the norm to eat animal products and that veganism is looked upon as a weird belief and something foreign that makes you an inconvenience. Like wtf!? Everyone knows its better in all kinds of ways yet people deny it still so much. It’s still such a niche.. And also veganism isn’t a religion like some seem to treat and view it. I have heard a couple to many times by now that ‘i dont look like a vegan’. When i ask what someone means by that it’s either along the lines of: well you don’t dress like some hippie. Or something like: Well you look so healthy and vibrant. Most vegans look so pale and scrawny and unhealthy. Which is a compliment for sure but it’s also a huge misconception and something that isn’t right. It’s very stigmatic!


  4. carol says:

    The Health Government here in the UK are now recommending that we eat at least two meat-free meals a week so I think this alone will encourage people to at least try some plant based foods more regularly. And Costa Coffee shops are now serving coffees with coconut milk as an option – so things are beginning to change, very gradually but it all helps 🙂


  5. I don’t really think Veganism is seen as abnormal because it isn’t at all. I think that everyone can understand the reasoning for someone to go vegan. However, In my latest article I wrote about ‘Aggressive Vegans’ who I believe are holding back the movement. As someone who is slowly trying out a potential vegan lifestyle, I have noticed many of my vegan friends being a bit pushy. This is not to say that all vegans are like this but I do think that the small percentage that does force their opinion onto others, is ruining what’s supposed to be a very positive movment. It’s sad to me because I really believe more people would at least try if there wasn’t such a unwelcoming image. I wish switching to a vegan lifestyle was easier but like you said; meat eating is the norm and it will be hard to change society’s habits. Thanks for the article tho, gave me new perspectives on the matter!


  6. Ahimsa_tim says:

    I wish there was a ‘LOVE’ button for your post! 😀 You are totally spot right.
    I think a lot of the time people can get a little defensive around vegans because they feel like their moral choices are being criticised. It’s a normal reaction i guess. But getting into a heated argument with people is definitely never a good idea – people under attack tend to get more entrenched in their views. I always try to explain my veganism as passionately but calmly as possible. I sometimes tell people, ” if you are really interested in finding out my reasons for going vegan take the time to watch…what the health/earthlings/cowspiracy”. There is definitely a huge shift happening right now though, veganism is spreading like wildfire (: woop!


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