Not feeling motivated – school, working out, studying…. what to do?

I often get asked the question, am i always motivated for school/working out/cooking etc As well as being asked how i have the energy to do everything i do each day.

And to answer the second question first…. how i have the energy, well that is food (and a little bit of caffeine ;)). The less i eat, the less energy i have to do things and then i don’t do as much during that day. But the more i eat the more energy i have both physically and mentally. Of course everyday varies, somedays i eat 3 times my usual amount but still have 0 energy, and then it is just to take a complete rest day and get back to usual the next day.

What about motivation…. i can tell you, i am not always motivated. Infact right now i am in a very unmotivated stage of life. Finding it hard to motivate myself to go to school or go to my lectures. Not wanting to cook food or even go to the store to buy food. Unmotivated to study, unmotivated to clean and even unmotivated to workout. I have the energy, i just don’t have the motivation. However i do all of these things anyway even if i don’t feel like it… why? Because i know i will feel better once it is done.

Image result for motivation just startAnd sometimes the hardest step is to just start, or to just leave the house. But once you have left the house then it is easier to just do whatever task you need to do.

Maybe you don’t need to spend as much time or effort on the task, example if you really aren’t motivated to workout then maybe decide to just take it easy and do a 30 minute walk to get fresh air. Or maybe you need to study – then decide to just do it in 20 minute intervals and no longer than 2 hours…. just do something.

I also find that having rewards can be helpful sometimes. And it doesn’t have to be materialistic rewards, sometimes a reward for me is just… if i can study 2-3 hours straight and get all my school work done then i get to go for a walk outside. Othertimes a reward is – if i clean the apartment and my room then i know i can just chill and watch netflix and won’t feel the anxiety of having “clean the apartment left on my to-do list”. And other times i need to motivate myself with example chocolate or cola zero after the task is done.

People aren’t always motivated however you can’t just lie in bed and do nothing and wait for motivation to come back. Sometimes you just have to do things anyway. Infact sometimes that is part of self care… you may not feel motivated to go to school or workout or take care of yourself, but you know that you will feel better once you do. (And other times, the absolute best thing is to just take 2 days to lie in bed, rest up, eat delicious food and allow yourself to rest, feel unmotivated and then get back into the swing of things after 24-48 hours.)

And liked mnetioned in the beginning, just do it. Just start…. Because often starting is the hardest part, but once you have begun it is much easier to complete!

What do you do when you are unmotivated? Any tips to share with others? 🙂

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  1. carol says:

    I`m like you and tend to make myself do it anyway, because I just know I will feel better for it. I tell myself I have a choice – either stay in/sit here feeling awful or do whatever it is anyway and be in with the chance of feeling better. And making that effort always works although taking the first steps is very hard sometimes. But getting out in the fresh air or having a clean and tidy house boosts my mood and makes for a better day – or well at least better than if I was to “give in” and do nothing!
    This time of year doesn’t help much and I am looking forward to the brighter warmer days of summer, it feels as though it has been a very long, cold winter 😦

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