Vegan stylish bags with fake leather – Gaston Luga

Do you ever find a company or a product and think, why have i never seen these before? They are amazing? That is how i felt when the brand Gaston Luga contacted me.

I have been a fan of backpacks ever since i started university and realised that using a shoulder bag was causing me neck and back pain as i was walking to school with my gym gear, computer, books, food boxes and carrying it all on one shoulder…. safe to say it is not ergonomic at all. I then saw loads of people using a certain backpack which i loved however it was also made using real leather which is a big no-no for me , and the reason i won’t name the brand here.

So when Gaston Luga contacted me and asked if i wanted to do a co operation with them i couldn’t be happier because 1) How haven’t i seen their bags before?, 2) Almost all their bags are vegan (apart from the Pråper bags which i think have leather), 3) their bags look amazing and exactly what i have wanted but never bought for myself instead had to resort to an “on the sale sports backpack!” and lastly, if i can help create awareness for these amazing vegan bags and more people buy them instead of bags with leather the better!

So i ordered the black Clässy bag (had originally wanted the black classic bag as it was a little bigger, however they were out of stock [they are restocked now!]) so instead ordered the other version!


This is Clässic range:


This is the Clässic range:


If you are interested in one of these bags you can get 15% off by using the code ” ISABELLE “. I don’t earn anything on the sales, however I can personally recommend this bag and if i can save you some money isn’t that great!! 🙂

So how much can i fit in the bag?

Well it is not as big as the other bags or my previous bag. However i can fit my computer (13 inch), computer and phone charger, 1 book, water bottle, small lunch box (& snack!), gym clothes i.e pants, top and sports bra (no gym shoes or jumper). And then of course things like pens, cards, medicine etc can be placed in the pockets inside the bag!

If i have a long day where i need to pack with me alot of stuff or if i plan to bring my workout shoes with me to the gym then i will need either another bag as well or use my old bag. But this is the perfect bag for uni or just if going out with friends or just need to bring some stuff with you!!

Also have to mention i feel so much more fancy using this bag than my previous bag hahahah… i feel like i have some sort of style!!


What type of bags do you like to use? (I usually have SO MUCH in my bag…. almost like i can’t find anything in my bag because i have so much in it, hahaha!)

Also want to mention, i don’t often do co operations with companies. I get offered different co operations and at times even money for co operations, but if i can’t stand for the brand or the product i say no because i want to be honest about the things i review. And i review foods and products even if it is not a co operation – just to share different vegan foods and products! So know that if i do co operate with companies it is because i believe in the company and the product and believe that the review or the recommendation will also be a benefit to all of you – my followers 🙂

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  1. carol says:

    These bags look really stylish – much “posher” than a normal back – pack 🙂 I tend to go with shoulder bags – bigger the better as I “hoard” so much stuff in my bag – don`t know where it all comes from but I`d be lost without my bag! When we went on holiday recently I took a back pack instead and this worked really well and I actually preferred it to my usual shoulder bag, so maybe I`ll stick to these in future.
    Great that you`ve found a vegan product that you love!

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  2. carol says:

    Whilst on the subject of discovering “new” vegan products – I have just seen that my local tescos here in the UK are now selling Oomph! They have three varieties – spiced kebab, pulled Oomph and chunks. I was wondering if you have tried these and what you thought of them? I was so excited when I saw them – at last we are getting a wider range of vegan foods 🙂
    They are not badly priced either – £3.50 each. There was also some Strong Man spinach bites, and Quinoa and pumpkin burgers. I haven’t heard of these before but I`m looking forward to trying them as well !
    If you have any tips for how to cook/use the Oomph that would be great 🙂


  3. anonymous says:

    The bag looks great! do you think you could do a “what’s iny my bag post”…? like what do you always have in your bag and always bring with you?


    1. Thank you 🙂 i was actually planning on doing a post like that, haha!


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