Meal prep on a Thursday (Vegan!)

This week has not been a great week with routines or habits… infact i have just sort of thrown all my routines, “have-to’s” and regular habits out the window because i have felt rather unmotivated.

Meaning, i didn’t meal prep either on  Sunday or Monday (still had left overs and lots of lentil soup!). I haven’t gone to the gym/exercised as usual. Haven’t studied (though done all my group work, had 2 presentations and long lectures/presentations in school). If i am honest, i don’t know what i have done these past 4 days… because it sure hasn’t been anything productive, hahaha. (Well aside from all the school work and presentations).

I think i just needed some days off…. But now it is back to routines and habits and that means 1) Meal prepping. 2) Going to school to sit and study on my own. 3) Cleaning my room and that means hoovering as well. 4) Writing down goals and plans for the day and week – this helps keep me organized.

I have been living too much in the future – planning my apartment move which in 2 weeks time. Writing down what furniture and household things i need to buy. Thinking about how it will be when i move…..

Worrying about summer, summer job, worrying about autumn (as we have elective courses meaning that some are doing their studies abroad, some are working during the autumn term, and i can either apply to 4 courses, or  do 3 courses and one course which means practical work…. and it is just giving me alot of anxiety thinking about this and having to have it sorted within the next few weeks.) as well as even more planning, emailing and other things on my mind…. basically meaning i am living in the future, dealing with anxiety and not focused on actually doing what is necessary right now. That’s life sometimes.

The first step however is meal prepping which you see below 🙂 Meal prepping means i save time each day as i don’t need to cook everyday or meal. It also means i eat right and get enough energy into me and it also gives me some structure to the day and week!

Meal prep this week:



Red lentil, carrot and potato soup

Fries – carrot and garlic and thyme potatoes (Also made sweet potato fries!)

Oven roasted vegetables

Anammas minced meat which i made into burgers and “meat”balls

1kg dried chickpeas which i have boiled and now made into hummus and beetroot hummus

And also have some tofu which i will fry up or add some sauce when it is time to eat

And of course avocados and frozen vegetables!


And breakfast and snacks  – soy yoghurt, fruit, muesli, scones, tofu scramble, roasted chickpeas or edmame beans, soy protein powder

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  1. carol says:

    I think its totally natural for your mind and thoughts to be occupied by your upcoming move. Perhaps you could try writing down lists of what you need to do or buy – that way those thoughts are out of your head and down on paper – it may help you rationalize them and stop them swirling round in your head a bit. When I`ve got something on my mind I do this and find it easier to deal with as writing it down puts it into perspective and helps stop that panic feeling that I have so much to do 🙂
    As for your course – again try writing down the pros and cons of each option available to you. You may find it easier that way to see which direction you want to go in and what you would most like to do.
    And a summer job – would you be able to be taken on again by your previous summer employers? Would it be worth contacting them to find out?
    Getting on with normal everyday life is hard when you have so much other stuff on your mind – so don`t be too hard on yourself! I`m sure everything will work out fine 🙂


  2. carol says:

    Can you freeze the lentil soup or isn’t it so good heated up again if you do?


    1. If you add potatoes it is not so great to freeze (as the water in the potatoes will freeze and then become very mushy and weird texture when you defrost it.) So if you either 1) cream everything together it will work better to freeze, or if you make it without potatoes 🙂


  3. Ruth says:

    Hi Izzy, I would like to ask, what were your first thoughts about veganism, before going vegan? What was the turning point? I am considering going plant based but feel like a hypocrite for I used to say I wont switch to vegan lifestyle…


    1. Hello, i might write a post about this again, but before i went vegan i wasn’t anti-vegan, however i didn’t think i would go vegan because i thought it would be too restrictive…. i didn’t really understand veganism or why you would go vegna. So when i eduacated myself it was easier to understand but also to learn what an abundance of food their is, and it isn’t restrictive at all (Unless you make it restrictive/have alot of allergies or intolerances.
      You arenät a hypocrite for changing…. there are people who have worked in slaughterhouses or in meat shops or even had farms before they realised how messed up the meat and dairy industry is and went vegan instead. So you can do the same thing 🙂 You change, your thoughts change, you learn and grown and you are allowed to change your thoughts, habits and lifestyle. You aren’t a hypocrite for doing that!


  4. Ellustar says:

    Reblogged this on SEO.


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