Chickpea omelette with ch*cken and mushroom filling (vegan recipe!)

A few days ago i got this really weird – and specific – craving for chickpea omelette. Just out of nowhere and i couldn’t stop thinking about it (for some weird reason.)

Yesterday i did my grocery shopping for the week and prepped some new meals for the upcoming week so i was all ready. Then after lunch today i ended up with alot of stomach pain and nausea, and by 7pm and i knew i had to eat something the only thing i wanted was chickpea pancakes – just thinking about everything else i had prepared in my fridge and in my freezer made me feel nauseous (yup, even my roasted veggies made me feel sick.) So i got dressed, went to the store (and a few hundred kr later XD), i came home and whipped together this dinner. And i can say… it was worth getting dressed and going to the store for, because it tastes amazing!! No idea why i had such a specific craving, i already eat alot of hummus and chickpeas so it can’t be that i am craving something from chickpeas…. who knows why you get sudden strong cravings, hahah.

Onto the recipe….  As usual, nothing is measured because well… “ain’t nobody got time for that” XD

Omelette recipe:

Basically 1 part chickpea flour, 2 parts water/liquid. Example 100ml chickpea flour, use 200ml liquid. I used water, but you can use plant based milk or even add some plant based yoghurt! 

Seasoning of choice: I went for nutritional yeast, onion powder and salt. Note: Season more than you think 🙂

Mix together – The mix shouldn’t be clumpy but not too thin either. Like pancake batter!

And then fry on medium heat. It takes c.a 30-60 seconds each side, so be quick to flip the pancake. Note: You can add filling to the pancake when one side has done frying…. example if you want some melted cheese in the omelette/pancake!


Chicken and mushroom mix:

For 6 pancakes i used half a package of vegan chicken pieces (c.a 150g)

c.a 50-100ml oat cream (or other plant based cooking cream)

Mushrooms (fresh or frozen)

Nutritional yeast, salt and seasoning according to taste

c.a 1/2-1tbs corn flour (to make the mix thicken)

Add some oil to a frying pan or pot, add the chicken pieces and mushrooms (as well as garlic and onion if using). Allow to fry and soften, add seasoning and then cooking cream. Last add the corn flour and stir until it thickens. Add to the pancakes!

Eat and enjoy!


This is such a simple meal and really doesn’t take long  either. And as you can see… you don’t need to measure or weigh anything, just according to taste 🙂 This also works well for a snack!! I ate two of the omelettes/pancakes for dinner and will eat the rest tomorrow, so hopefully they will still be tasty. Though i think that the omelette will dry up quite a bit because it is made from chickpeas, so i think that it is best to eat these when they are fresh!!

Also excuse the awful pictures, i hadn’t planned to make a blog or share the recipe but i thought maybe others might want to try it!

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  1. carol says:

    Cravings are definitely weird. The other day I had this sudden craving for white cabbage – quite why I don`t know 🙂 Strange how they can be quite specific.
    I love savoury pancakes and these look really good!


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