Vegan snacks – what i eat: Snack version!

I have been asked to post more of my meals online which i am trying to do more of – however i don’t remember everything i eat and don’t plan on taking pictures of everything i eat either. I.e there are some handfuls of nuts or seeds throughout the day, haha. Another reason – which i have mentioned plenty of times before – is that i don’t think it is good for people to get caught up – or obsessed – with how or what others are eating. People so easily compare their intake which isn’t good. I eat for my body and my energy levels and lifestyle and that shouldn’t impact how YOU eat or what YOU eat.  So this is one of the main reasons i don’t do full days of eating or show everything i eat online because i feel like it is far too much focus on food both for myself and for my followers…. My day isn’t spent thinking about food and i don’t feel like taking pictures of everything i eat. So just to make that clear 🙂 However i know many miss my more personal posts and more lifestyle posts so am going to try write more lifestyle/personal posts. At the moment i have just been so so tired… doing the bare minimum because i have been so mentally tired. Not sure why i feel so tired whether it is school related, anxiety related, tired of winter or maybe i just need a boost of certain vitamins or maybe it is hormone related (or a combo of all of them!!). So that explains why i amn’t super active on here either… when i am tired i don’t have alot of mental energy to write or blog.

Anyway, here are some of my recent snacks which i have eaten the past week!

A favourite of mine right now… instead of making oatmeal i mix together oats, nuts and dried fruit (and chocolate chips!), banana and oatmilk with stevia. And then i let it sit in the fridge for c.a 30 minutes and it all soaks together and tastes amazing!
Shaky picture, haha (food blogger, what?!). Dried fruit, banana chips and coconut chips. Perfect when you want something sweet and don’t have chocolate at home!
Lovin this combo right now: Frozen mango which i heat up, kiwi and banana!
Similar to the first picture/snack!
Peanut chips – love these so much as they are both sweet and salty!


Salted peanuts and chocolate chips!

Other snacks i am eating are just plates of potatoes with humus or guacamole, fruit, cocktail tomatoes.  Peanut butter from the jar, handfuls of nuts or seeds.

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  1. carol says:

    I like your idea for the oats – rather like having muslie but with only the “bits” you like 🙂


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