What’s in my bag


I was asked if i could write a “what is in my bag post”…. so that is exactly what i am going to do. It has been a few years since i last made a “what’s in my bag” post, but i am pretty sure i still have the same things in my bag hahah.

I am the type of person who throws everything into a huge bag and can never find anything in the bag later on. With my new Gaston Luga bag, i have tried to be alot more minimalistic with what i pack as i don’t have space for everything i would usually have in my bag…. but i am going to share with you what i usually pack with me/always have with me!

I am also the type of person who either has everything in a bag or i just bring the bare minimum i.e cards, keys, charger and have in my coat pockets. There is no inbetween (either everything in a bag or basically nothing with me)


The pictures show what i usually have in my bag…. but the half kiwi is just a representation of a snack (hahahah… don’t usually pack with me a kiwi that is halved!).

Always in my bag:

Computer (if i have a bag with me there is a 99% chance i also have my computer… if i don’t have a bag then i just carry my computer in my hands.)

Calender & pens

Water bottle

Charger & extra battry

Headphones... i always have a pair which i am listening to music with, but also have an extra pair incase i want to change i.e in ear or overhead headphones

Gym bands (i don’t use them so often, but they are always in my bag incase) as well as locker for the gym.

90% of the time i have (fresh) gym clothes (& extra socks, underwear etc) in my bag. Unless i have afternoon classes and have the time to come home and unpack my bag before going to schoool. The days i plan to do cardio at the gym i bring my gym shoes, otherwise i workout in just my socks.

Hand cream and make up… i don’t wear make up so often, but usually have it in my bag just incase. (Surprisingly i don’t have a hair brush with me, which is the one thing i would need to have after the gym, hahah)

Deodorant and perfume

Medication & painkillers – a whole bunch of different medication is always in my bag.

Meal box and snacks if i have long days away from home then i will pack lunch and snacks (usually fruit). However usually i just eat when i am at home or buy something on the go if i need to. But most of the time i have some type of snack or fruit or nuts in my bag just incase!

Usually have chewing gum, but trying to limit the amount of gum i chew so that isn’t always in my bag.

Coffee thermos – mostly when i have early lectures. Thermos is one of those things i didn’t think i needed or wanted until i was given it as a present and realised just how much money i save bringing my own coffee as well as being very practical!

I think that is all… i am sure i am missing some things haha. Right now my stuff is spread out in 3 different bags, haha.


What are some things you ALWAYS have with you in your bag? 🙂


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  1. carol says:

    Apart from the usual purse, cards and phone – small bottle of anti bacterial hand gel, pack of assorted plasters, packet of mints, tissues, hand cream, pain killers, note book and quite a few pens!
    And over time I find I accumulate other stuff so once in a while I have a clear out – thin out the loose change that gets to weigh a ton!


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