Earth hour – March 24 2018

March 24th and it is Earth hour again (i think it has happened once a year for 11 years now. It started in 2007.)

The goal is that everyone (or as many as people – including businesses and places that can turn off lights and electronics), turn off their lights and electronics for an hour.  Not only does it save lots of energy, it is supposed to send a message to politicians and people power that we need to start thinking about the environment and how much energy we use each moment and everyday.

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Have lights, electronics and energy is a privelage and not something to be taken for granted – but that is exactly what we do. Several times the past year my building has had the power cut off (as they are building right beside out apartment block so at times they have managed to cut a cord or something similar which has caused the power to stop) and for that hour or couple of hours with no electricity, no power, no internet i begin to think…. “what can i even do…? What is there to do.” I am very reliant on internet and being able to charge my phone and computer not only for school work but also for my online work,so when it goes several hours and i can’t access internet or charge my eletronics i do feel a little panicked…. and then there is the whole “can’t cook or heat food” either which is annoying.

So safe to say, i am very reliant on energy and electricity – and most people are. But i don’t think we think about how much we need it and use it everyday.

Of course when it comes to making changes towards a better environment and more sustainable environment looking at your food consumption and ways of travel are the most important. The meat and dairy industry are the top energy requiring businesses and the amount of water, food, electricity they use each day is what effects the climate the most (as well as the c02 emission from the animals – primarily cows/cattle.) And of course if you travel alot by plane or car, that also adds up to your c02 emissions and is not so climate smart. So best to make changes towards those areas in your life, even if cutting down on the amount of electricity you use each day is also a good idea!  Not only will it save you money, but also better for the environment!

So from 20.30-21.30 turn off all your lights, don’t charge any electronics!

Listen to a podcast if you have your phone charged, take a bath or shower, have a candle lit dinner, take a nap. If you have enough candles, read or journal! Or even just sit and meditate or think!!! Or why not go out and take a walk and see how many people actually decide to join in during earth hour?

If you do join earth hour, tell me what you did for that hour – i would love to know!!

I think i am going to just write some blog posts, listen to a podcast and do some journalling! (Preferably no electronics during the 1 hour, but i have been hit with inspiration so want to blog while i have this inspiration!!)

If you want, check out the C02 calculater to check your c02 emissions HERE 

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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    We turned everything off, lit a couple of scented candles that I`d had as a present at Christmas and played monopoly:)
    It was fun – made a change from the usual watching tv and I`m going to make an effort to do it again – not neccesarily with the lights out though but it turned out to be quality time where we both had fun and just chatted as we played.
    Made me think just how reliant I am on electricity, how much we all must be.

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    1. That sounds so nice and cosy! I just sat and listened to a podcast for the hour… but when i lived at home i used to be with my family and we would have candles lit and just sit and talk or play cards or something similar. It is alot more cosy and nice when you can be with others when you turn off all the lights, hahah! But definitely shows how dependant we are on electricity! I mean if you were going hardcore you would even have to turn off things like internet, the fridge, all electricity etc – which isn’t practical at all. Of course using electricty isn’t so “bad” we are dependant on it, and like mentioned in the post – consuming animal products is the biggest negative contributer to global warming and the environment. So that should be the first thing people focus on changing!

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      1. carol says:

        Yes – I saw a programme on tv recently where they said that the emmissions from livestock is huge, a real problem and they were trying to develop a different animal feed to help lower them.

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