Trying a food delivery service –

I have always been sort of anti food delivery services. My opinion has been that many people use them just because they are lazy…. i.e going to the food store to shop should just be a part of a weekly routine. So many people are using services such as food delivery and becoming even more inactive.

However, that was just my first thoughts – being critical. Because you know what, food services are very practical and help many people.

I.e if you are busy and don’t have time to shop. Maybe you are a single parent and are busy taking care of your children. Or if you have been away from home for a while, you can just shop your food and have it delivered when you get home so you don’t have to worry about having an empty fridge when you get hom from your travels. Or maybe you live far away from a store… maybe you are injured or sick and can’t go food shopping. Or maybe it is just a way to stop you from buying lots of processed or junk food when you can sit at home and just click home the foods you know are better for you (and maybe just one or two chocolate bars!).

So basically.. .i was just quick to judge.

This week i decided to do my grocery store shopping online… why? Well because i am going to be busy in school and two, i am just feeling extra tired and i want to priortize being at school and working. Also, i might start using this delivery service when i move because i don’t have any large food store close to where i will be living, just 2 small and rather expensive stores – so they will be fine for quick groceries or if i forget something, but i won’t be doing any big grocery store shopping there and instead will have to take the tram several stations to grocery shop where the price is cheaper and more options. So i wanted to test this delivery service and see what i thought… (also, i used a code which gave me 200kr (20 euro) off!).

I bought… 2kg wok mix, 1kg diced pumpkin (want to give this a try!), 2kg frozen carrots, 1kg edmame beans, 1kg tofu, 2l oat milk, 1l oat cream, 600g chickpea flour, dried red lentils, dried chickpeas, turnips, sweet potato, onion, beetroot, swede, oil, Frys fake chicken pieces and potatoes! Note… i might still buy some fresh produce and things i didn’t buy online.

As this store is based in Sweden, it might not be so relevant for my international followers – but for my swedish followers here is what i thought!



The pros? You can sit at home, plan your meals and just click on the foods you need/want. No spontaneous extra items. Also some frozen veggies where cheaper than in normal stores. Also you can have lots of heavy foods delivered which you might not have been able to carry home from the store on your own. And you can plan the delivery of the food within certain hours so you know you will be home – not to mention they have next day delivery! Also you can be more aware of how much you are spending… i always use a self scanner when i go food shopping so i know how much i am spending, but when you shop online you can plan alot better your weekly or monthly food expenses and stay in budget!

The cons? Fresh produce is alot more expensive – so i will be doing that in normal grocery stores. They don’t have all the foods i wanted or certain foods were more expensive so i didn’t want to buy them on that site as i didn’t think it was worth the extra money (hahaha, got to be money smart as a student!). Otherwise there aren’t any other cons which i have experienced.

*Also note, i don’t know how environmentally friendly this is… however the delivery service does several deliveries at the same time so i guess that’s better!

I still think most people should go food shopping i.e walk there/walk in the store – but not everyone can or has the time for it and then food delivery is a good service!

I might use this service when i move… i might not, depends if i decide to just do 2-4 small shops every week and carry it home on the tram … but i think that will get tiring to have to shop almost everyday /several times a week and have to carry it home on the tram… who knows!

Anyway, to all of my Swedes – if you want to try this food delivery service you can go HERE (i.e my link) and get 170kr off 🙂 And if you become a member then i get some cash refund as well…. 😉

This is not sponsored, but i thought i would share the link and share my thoughts anyway!

What do you think about food delivery services? Do you use them? 🙂


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  1. carol says:

    I am so intrigued by your wok mix – I haven’t seen anything like it here and think it must be so useful/easier and convienient than chopping up loads of different veg all the time!
    I personally have never used home delivery but I know many people do here where I live. There are often different store delivery vans coming to my road. I think it is primarily because being a fairly small village and quite some distance from the nearest town and food shops it is just more practical and convienient for people to have their shopping delivered. There isn’t much of a bus service here either so if you haven’t got your own transport that makes getting to the food shops even more difficult. We do have a small local store in the village but this is so expensive – you couldn’t possibly do all your shopping there but its ok for odd things now and then that you have run out of or forgotten to buy.
    The main reason I have never tried home delivery is because I think I like choosing things myself – especially things like fresh fruit and veg. But a lot of it is just habit – I have always done the shopping myself so that has just continued as the norm. But I can see there are obvious advantages to it as well as being convienient if you are busy. Maybe I will give it a try one week – I must admit going food shopping is sometimes a chore I could do without so maybe it would be nice to have someone else do it for me!


    1. I usually use frozen veggies- mainly for convenience and that they last longer!! They’re a great option if you have space in the freezer! I agree, i don’t think the food delivery services are so great if you want to buy lots of fresh fruit and veggies as you pay per fruit/veggie instead of per kilo in most food stores – so it is both more expensive and you don’t get to choose which ones you want, hahah. But for other things like frozen, heavy items, cereals etc it is a good idea – especially if you live far from a store! Also if you need to do a huge food shopping but don’t have time, then its great! Pros and cons – but i prefer going food shopping, but delivery services are a good option if needed!

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