Health is different for everyone

This weekend i was reading in one of my course litterature books and was reminded of something which i sat and thought about for a while and wanted to share on here.

The information i read was nothing new, infact this is something i have always been aware about and tried to remind others of as well, but i felt i wanted to share it on here.

Health is not the same for everyone.

Not everyone has the same health goals.

Not everyone experiences health the same way.

Some people feel great and healthy with a higher BMI and others with a lower BMI (but still in the healthy weight range for both!).

Some people feel great eating less carbs and more fat and others feel great eating more carbs and lower fat.

Some people feel great working out 2 times a week and others 6 times a week.

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Health and nutrition are two topics which most people have some sort of opinion of…. most people think they know best. I.e if you are tell someone you are vegan you will more than likely get 10 people who suddenly become a nutritionist and think they know everything about a healthy diet and vitamins and minerals.

If you are working with nutrition, exercise or as a health coach it is so important to remember that health is different for everyone. Even if you aren’t working with nutrition or health it is important to remember.

It is easy to find balance and a way that works for you and then think everyone else can do the same thing…. that everyone else should do just like you, but forget that people are different. People have different lives, people like different foods, people have different backgrounds. Also people experience health differently.

There are of course guidelines and recommendations such as workout a few times a week, get some steps in daily, eat fruit and veg, drink water, get enough hours sleep each day. And to minimize sugar, salt and processed food. Those are overall guidelines which everyone should follow, but other aspects of health and a healthy lifestyle can be individual and different.

As a health coach i need to listen to the individual and give advice based on the individuals needs and wants.

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Of course i believe in veganism, a vegan diet and to eat balanced i.e a little bit of everything (as long as it is vegan!). Everything in moderation. However this is what I believe in and what works for ME.  That doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

Some people need to eat animal products to be healthy and some people just don’t want to go vegan. Some people can’t eat just balanced…. they don’t know what balance or moderation is, whether it is because they over eat or undereat. And then maybe following a meal plan or even tracking is the best option for them. I can’t put my own beliefs and what works for me onto others. And more people in the health and fitness industry need to remember this.

People need to find what works for them… listen to their body and not try to copy what others are doing. Instead figure out what healthy means to them.

Example, some people define healthy as never drinking alcohol, never eating anything processed, minimal with store bought or half processed food – everything cooked from scratch. While others define healthy as maybe eating pizza when out with friends, enjoying a glass of wine once a week and eating some chocolate one or two times a week. And both options are still healthy (as long as the person is also mentally healthy!)

Health can mean so many different things for different people.

Of course if someone came to me and said they only eat 600kcal a day and workout everyday and feel super healthy and happy i would question if that is actually true. Jjust like if someone came to me and said they were eating extremely low carb and living in a state of ketosis i would also question how healthy they are or feel. Or if someone said they were only eating bananas or dates i would also question how healthy they are or how healthy their body is.

So the guidelines and recommendations of balance are there for a reason and are what health recommendations should be based on. But the imporant thing is to not put your own values and beliefs on someone else…….

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It is a  long post and would most likely be better in video format. But i just feel like alot of people in the health industry, or even people not working in the health industry push their beliefs onto others thinking that “one way suits all” when that isn’t the case at all.

Balance and a vegan lifestyle and diet works for me… doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

Some people can count calories or track macros and they are still healthy mentally and physically, while for someone else tracking calories and food would lead them to an unhealthy mindset.

Some people can eat a paleo or low carb diet and be healthy and find that works for them, while others would find it hard to stick to a “restrictive” or “controlled” diet and wouldn’t be healthy for them….

As long as it is balanced in someway. As long as the person is mentally healthy and happy. Health, healthy lifestyle and healthy way of living is different. 

Long post, but i wanted to share my thoughts about this…. and i know that maybe my readers (i.e you) aren’t the actual target of this post and this information may not be something new or something you needed to be reminded of….. but who knows, maybe someone who needs this reminder will stumble across this post and it will make them think!


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  1. Yaya says:

    100 % agree 🙂


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