Positive vibes – positive mood

Hello and good afternoon!

Thursday 29th of March and feels like the first time i have woken up feeling happy and positive in a while! Usually change scares me, but for now i am just ready for change and ready to move into my new apartment – which i got the keys for today!!

It was also the first time i got to see my apartment! I had applied to the apartment as well as accepted the offer on the apartment without ever looking at it, hahah… but i sort of knew how it would look as i had viewed an apartment that was similar to the one i was offered!


When i got the keys to my apartment and got to open the door to my apartment i just wanted to smile and never wanted to leave, hahaha. Despite there being no furniture in the place yet i just sat on the floor and embraced all the positive energy and vibes i had. This will be a positive change!!

Of course, i know that i will have bad days and have days filled with anxiety and panic or feel stressed – a new apartment doesn’t change that. But i am just happy to have my own place – finally after 2 years of moving and just renting a room in different apartments. Finally my own place where i don’t need to adapt to anyone else or anyone elses routine, hahaha. This evening it will just be about packing and cleaning and tomorrow my parents are driving from Stockholm with my furniture (so i don’t have to buy new furniture), and they are also taking my dog with them. Even if i am allowed pets in my apartment and i wish she could live with me, i know that it wouldn’t be the best choice for her. It would be a selfish choice if i decided she would live with me. I wouldn’t have the time and also wouldn’t be home to care for her all the time…. she is a dog that always wants to be around people, so i know she wouldn’t be happy if she was left alone for many hours each day. A part of me wants to keep her with me – now that she will be driven down to my uni city. But i can’t be selfish – i need to think of what is best for my dog, and that is to stay with my parents.

Anyway, my parents are going to help me move into my apartment and then during the weekend we will go to Ikea and buy all the things i need. Also i am realising that the list i had made and the budget i had made for this move is definitely not so realistic… the list of items i need to buy is just growing larger and larger and there will definitely be a dent in my savings – hahah. I feel like i should write a list of all the things you need to buy/think about when moving into your own place – so that for my readers you can be better prepared!! I have moved so many times so i have thrown away alot of things and haven’t really bought any of my own kitchen stuff or more than 1 version of each thing as i haven’t wanted to have lots of items when i knew i would have to pack and move again soon.

Just have 1 of each, hahah.

I am looking forward to this move and Easter. There isn’t going to be any traditional Easter celebration, but maybe an Easter lunch/dinner with my parents before they travel back to Stockholm!!


Otherise… i feel alot more in control over my school and study situation at the moment. I am in a group with other ambitious and hardworking girls so i feel positive and less stressed about the group assignments as everyone is helping and doing their part! And i had two days where i just sat and worked through a bunch of assignments, research and reading so i feel like i am “ahead of the game” and can take this weekend to just relax from school work and be with my family. Which is very much needed, and i don’t feel as stressed about the upcoming workload and assignments in school!

Life feels better at the moment. Not feeling as anxious or as stressed as i have the past few weeks… so hopefully more positive vibes, more energy and more happiness!!


I would love to know – how are all of you ? 🙂 I want to get better at replying to comments and connecting with all of my readers and followers again! 🙂


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  1. Conni says:

    How exciting for you! Congrats! Please do an apartment tour when you’re all set up – I love that kind of stuff haha! Hope the rest of the move goes well. And your dog is lovely!!!! 🙂

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  2. carol says:

    Its lovely to hear you are so happy! Its exciting when you first get your keys to your own place – I hope your move goes smoothly for you and you soon feel “settled in” 🙂
    I remember the shopping trips when I first moved – all the stuff I had to buy! And that was just the essentials 🙂 But it was so much fun shopping for my own things and the things I liked !
    I hope you will be happy in your new apartment and soon get to know the new area that you`re in. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you! I am feeling settled in now and loving having my own place, finally!!


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