Try and fail but don’t fail to try – motivation booster

My motto right now – when it comes to life and trying to tackle my low self esteem is…. “try and fail but don’t fail  to try.”

I have been stuck in the – not even trying incase i fail. Giving myself 101 reasons why i can’t and won’t succeed or why i shouldn’t do something.

Yesterday i overheard a conversation where one person said to the other (well not this exactly, haha i have extended it a little)…. “Why not just do it? What do you have to lose? Why wouldn’t you be good enough, you need to at least try”.

And even if the person wasn’t talking to me it was like a kick of motivation which i needed…. Why not me? Why not send in the job application even if i think i amn’t good enough or think i won’t get the job. It doesn’t hurt anyone to send it in and even if all the places say no, at least i tried… and unless i try i won’t know. If i keep holding myself back i will never be good enough.

Life isn’t about always doing the same thing over and over and always being comfortable. Sometimes you just have to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new and different – what do you have to lose.

If you have nothing, or very little to lose then why not try….. Or even sometimes if you have alot to lose, it is still worth it to try. Because even if you do “Lose” or things go wrong, it is a learning experience and you will grow from it one way or another.

So the motto/mantras i am repeating to myself right now is, “just do it”, “fu*k it” and “try and fail but don’t fail to try”

And just reminding myself, Why not me? Why wouldn’t I be good enough? Why wouldn’t I be able to succeed? If others can do it, so can I….

Also, feeling like i need to fake till i make it. Even if i don’t 100% believe in myself or my capabilites, i can atleast pretend i do and someday i will 100% (or close to 100%) believe in myself and my capabilities and believe that i can succeed… but atleast for now i can just fake it till i make it!

So i hope this can be a little motivation booster for you as well if you need it. Just try….. Whatever it is you want to do or are dreaming of. Try. Yes you may fail or things might not go as planned, but it will solve itself one way or another. You will learn and grow from it. You will find new ways.

Life is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and if you want something different to happen then you have to do something different. But most of all… work for it. Work towards your goals!

I am not always 100% motivated, but right now i just want to succeed in all areas of my life and stop holding myself back to much!


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  1. carol says:

    I`m all for this – if you don`t try then you will never know! Life is a learning curve – we grow with our life experiences and learn from our mistakes. And the more you learn to try, the easier it becomes!

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    1. Exactly!! Sometimes you need to make mistakes and fail so that you can learn and grow!! But you can’t be scared to atleast try… because you never know what the results or outcome might be!


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