Vegan brunch in Gothenburg – Röda Sten konsthall

Happy Easter everyone!!

Life has been so hectic and with thoughts and priorities elsewhere i have barely registered that it was Easter today. Usually we have a typical (veganized!) swedish Easter lunch, but that was not the case this year.

As my parents are visiting me in my university city and i have just moved, we thought it would be easier to just go out to eat lunch/brunch.

First we had planned to go to a place called “hängmattan” which was going to have a vegan/vegetarian brunch, but it turned out to be closed today. So with some Googling we found that there was a place called “Röda sten Konst hall” just 5 minutes away that had a vegetarian (almost completely) vegan brunch that was open. So we jumped into the car and drove there and we were not disappointed!

For c.a 180kr (18 euro) you get a vegetarian (c.a 90% vegan) brunch that includes both warm and cold dishes, bread, cheese and biscuits, bread as well as coffee and dessert. Safe to say you should go there hungry!


I am not sure if the dishes are the same each weekend or if they vary, but the buffet included: Hummus, baba ganoush, lentil salad, salad & other cold dishes. Lentil soup, vegan mushroom gratang, vegan lasagna, vegan enchilada gratang, falafel, some type of pie, tofu and broccolli curry, rice and even more! As well as 4 different desserts. Also bread with vegan toppings and fruit!


2 rounds of food and some dessert later and i am feeling extremely satisfied. The food was so good and it looked amazing!

I give this place a 10/10 and would definitely visit again!

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  1. carol says:

    That sounds like excellent value for money – and such a wide choice of food too! You are so lucky having places like this – will this become one of your “regular” restaurants? Its great when you discover something new.
    Hope you are having a lovely Easter, I know you are busy with moving but still spending time with your family and of course your little dog 🙂


    1. It was definitely value for money!! I don’t go out to eat so often, but if i go for brunch with friends or family again i will definitely recommend going to that place again 🙂 Sweden – or the main cities in Sweden – have so many great places to eat vegan, i am definitely lucky to live in Sweden!


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