My weekend – moving into my apartment & Ikea

These past 2 and a half days have flown by in a blur and it is only now, Sunday evening that i am sitting and thinking over everything i have done! And i thought i would try to summarize it all 🙂

Friday was moving day – which meant spent the day cleaning and packing. All the small areas of the room needed to be cleaned, hoovered, mopping as well as cleaning all the cabinets i had used. Luckily i don’t have so many things so the whole packing process didn’t take so long.

Then it was mostly to wait until my parents arrived with the car and trailer to pick me up and my things. Then we packed my bags into the trailer and drove to my new apartment where we furnished the apartment and rearranged the furniture to fit. Then when my parents went to buy dinner i began to unpack all my items and clothes. And by 9.30pm we ate dinner and took a glass of wine to celebrate the move! And then it was just to go to bed – exhausted!

The following morning we realized we couldn’t make coffee and didn’t have any breakfast – and only plastic spoons! And the stores didn’t open until 9am!

First we drove to Ikea where we spent 2,5 hours (it is like you lose track of time and are in a completely different world when you are there… you just walk and walk and can barely find your way out. There are so many people and so many different items. Luckily i had a list of everything i needed to buy so it went relatively quickly! We also stopped to eat lunch!). A couple of thousand kr later and i had bought all the necessities.

Then we went to another store to buy an internet router as well as cleaning items and lastly we went food shopping to buy the basics!

With the car packed almost completely we drove home and then the process of unpacking and cleaning all the kitchen stuff i bought (which took about 60-90 minutes) as well as unpacking the rest of the household items i had bought. After that i had 45 minutes to rest before i headed off to eat dinner with my friends. We went to a tapas place and i got 3 dishes – sweet potato fries with sauce (which wasn’t vegan, so gave that to my friends), dumplings and spring rolls & a drink (the candy on top was not vegan… thought that was a little unnecessary to add on top hahah.) Then it was home and try to fall asleep.

Sunday started with a long walk with my dog followed by coffee, a small breakfast and then out for another walk with my parents to show them the area where i live. And then we headed off to eat lunch at Röda sten and now a few hours later my parents have left and it is my first time to be alone in my apartment – and realising i have actually moved. That from now on, this is where i live… and that i have the place all to myself!

Right now it feels amazing, i love my apartment as well as the location! I love just having my own place! The only negative is that all the other neighbours in the 3-4 buildings have moved in this weekend – and will continue to move in during next week so there is alot of noise and building running in and out of the building and you can hear people rearranging furniture and banging on walls etc But within 1-2 weeks i know it won’t be as noisy, so i will just have to stand out with all the noise and banging and hope that it won’t last too long!!


This weekend has just flown by, so now i am looking forward to an evening just watching series and ready for a new school week with my normal routines tomorrow!

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  1. Conni says:

    Looks great! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kristin says:

    congrats on the new place!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. carol says:

    Its amazing just how much stuff you need when setting up home for the first time! And all the “essentials” certainly add up. There is an Ikea about fifty miles from here and I always get lost in there, but its an awesome place – so many different things!
    Good to read your move went well – now its all about settling in and getting used to having your own place. Your apartment looks lovely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly… i realised that the list i had made beforehand was lacking quite a few items which i hadn’t even thought about. But for now i have all the basics and overtime i will invest in other things that are just “extras & good to have” items! I hope you have a lovely week!


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