3 vegan chocolates – review!

For Easter my mother was so kind and bought me 3 different vegan chocolates to try! In normal food stores there aren’t so many vegan chocolate options to buy, only 1 or 2 as well as dark baking chocolate is usually vegan. Also the price of vegan chocolate makes it an extra treat when i do eat it!!

However when you go to certain vegan stores or eco-friendly stores that have a focus on eco friendly and vegan foods, then you realise just how many different vegan chocolates there are – as you can see in THIS post. Also if you want to know what other vegan chocolate brands there are, you can look at THIS post and THIS post.


The first one was a hazelnut chocolate bar from Ichoc, which i have already tested before and i love it! Infact i love all of the Ichoc bars and they are the cheapest bars i have found (that isn’t just dark baking chocolate!) but also taste great according to me! Even my step dad agrees that it is similar to dairy milk. So if you are looking for a vegan chocolate, i recommend this brand… and their white chocolate and cookies&cream one are my favourites!


Second was a raw bar from Love chock which i have never tried before. The flavour was mulberry and vanilla. I didn’t really know what to expect from a raw chocolate, but it wasn’t in my taste…… If you prefer sweet and kind of creamy chocolate like myself, then raw chocolate bars aren’t for you. It wasn’t smooth or creamy, it was almost crumbly and rather bitter….. and i didn’t taste any vanilla… so i was rather disappointed in the chocolate. However, it did sort of get better the more i ate it. The first 2 pieces i didn’t like, then the next time i tried another piece it was a little better and the last piece was actually ok. Maybe it is one of those tastes that grow on you….. But i think i will stick to my vegan “milk” chocolate!!



And lastly, a vegan easter bunny from Rosen Garten which i had never seen before.


The first bite all i could taste was the cocao butter….. it wasn’t sweet, almost like taking a bite of butter/margarine. However the more i ate, the more i liked it and the chocolate and sweetness began to appear. It wasn’t overally sweet which is a good thing – some chocolates it is like biting itno sugar they are so sweet. However this easter bunny had just a little too much cocoa butter taste for my liking. I finished it all, because well… it is chocolate. But i wouldn’t buy it again. The taste did grow on me though, so who knows…. maybe i should give their chocolate another chance and see if it tastes better!

The bunny without his ears!


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  1. bemashealthy says:

    Nice post!🍫👏


  2. carol says:

    Hope you had a nice Easter even though you were busy moving!
    What is the “I choc” chocolate bar made from? I have never tried this brand. For Easter I got given a couple of “moo – free” eggs but didn’t like them at all – they just tasted really strange. I think finding a vegan chocolate you like is rather hit and miss! Theres not so much variety here either. Tesco actually had the dark Lindt bunny for the first time this year and I should have brought myself one when I first saw them – instead I waited until nearer Easter and when I went to get one they had already started clearing the shelves of Easter eggs – no Easter bunnies 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Hope you had a lovely easter as well! Maybe the lindt bunnies will be on sale after easter… or you can find them somewhere else? The ichoc ones are my favourite vegan chocolate so far… or Vego bar!! Not so sure what ichoc is made from…. they might have the ingredients if you google online 🙂


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