Pickled red onion – recipe

There are so many positive things about having my own apartment and living on my own, but one of them is that i feel more “free” to be in the kitchen and prepare food. I didn’t like taking up space or didn’t feel as free to prepare food (or take pictures of food!) when i lived in a shared apartment – this was just due to my own insecurities though and i know my roommate wouldn’t have cared if i had spent more time in the kitchen or been more open about me taking food pictures. But i just felt embarrassed and didn’t want to take up space.


So now when i have my own apartment i am trying to get more creative, try making different foods and pickled onion was one of them. I have been trying to cut down my consumption of onion and garlic for the sake of my stomach. Safe to say it hasn’t been going well, and i have been eating garlic or onion in almost all of my meals recently! But i know that fermented and pickled foods are often easier on the stomach than raw or cooked onion or garlic, so i am hoping that is the case!

Also, i know you can make pickled onion using sweetener, however as sugar gives it flavour as well as being a preservative for the pickled onion so it would/will last longer. So if you want to use sweetener, i  am sure you could switch to sweetener, though i don’t know how long it would last in the fridge then.


Recipe for the pickled onion:

2 red onions (medium/small)

3-4dl (300-400ml) water

3tbs sugar

2tbs vinegar (12%)

0,5tsp salt

How to:

You can make a quick or long process of this recipe:

Begin by peeling and chopping the onion and adding to a glass jar. Then begin boiling the water in a pot. When it is boiling add the sugar, vinegar and salt and stir until combined and the sugar has dissolved.

Quick process: Pour the water over the onions in the jar (add a little more water if necessary i.e the water doesn’t cover all the onions.) and allow to sit for 30-60 minutes. (if you want more colour you can add c.a 1tbs balsamic vinegar to the mix at the end.

The long process: Allow the boiled water with sugar and vinegar to cool before you pour it over the onions and then allow it to sit for c.a 1-2 hours before placing in the fridge overnight for optimal flavour and colour!

Super simple to make and you can make it the day before you want to eat it, and it adds an amazing colour to your food and meals as well as i love that sweet flavour of pickled onions. If it wasn’t that it was so acidic and onions mess up my stomach quite a bit, i would eat pickled onion straight from the jar and like a snack!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. guldflimmer says:

    I love pickled onion!! My mum makes it very often so I eat it when I go to their house 🙂 she also makes pickled cucumber, carrots and cabbage as well and its so Good! Btw would you mind sharing What you eat in a day? Im vegetarian and I try to eat more vegan but I end up eating the same things every day so I need inspiration!!


  2. anonymous says:

    This looks so good and easy to make. i have a question… do your friends and family know you have a blog and isntagram? i want to start a sort of food and fitness accountbut i dont want anyone i know to find it.


  3. carol says:

    This looks really good – a change from the whole brown onions you usually have pickled – I like the idea of using red onions too, and so easy to make! I will have to give it a try myself 🙂
    Have you tried pickled red cabbage? I wonder if this could be made in the same way?


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