Vegovision 2018 – göteborg

Believe it or not, i was more excited about Vegovision than i was to move apartment! I’ve been looking forward to this fair for c.a 2 months now and finally it was time!

A vegan fair in Gothenburg today. Lots of different companies that sell vegan products – everything from frozen meat alternatives, beauty products, household products, vegan dog food, candy and sweets, different cakes, clothes, shoes and the list goes on! And there are different lectures and talks from different people. I didn’t really look at who was on scene talking but i think there was some dietician/Nutritionist talking about a vegan diet, and there was a vegan athlete talking about their diet and exercise and some other inspiring vegans with information or stories to share!

I went to the fair last year, you can read HERE (p.s it took me like 15 minutes to find that post hahaha) and it was alot smaller last year. Not as many people ( i don’t think…) but i remember feeling rather panicked at how many people there were. And the same thing happened this year…. infact, when i was on my way to the fair i began thinking about how many people there would be and i began feeling very anxious and wanted to just head home again. But i know the only way to overcome that anxiety and panic is to face it….

However, when i got to the fair – 2 hours after opening i was shocked at the LONG queue in which i had not expected. I had to wait c.a 45 minutes to get in, which was crazy because last year there was no queue at all. However, this year it was a larger local,

Finally i got into the fair and i did feel rather anxious over the amount of people but i took some deep breaths and began to walk around and see which “exhibitors?” there were. Many of the companies i already knew and had tried alot of the products already so didn’t do alot of taste testing (I don’t find it so hygenic or safe to try the free food at places such as fairs because there is so many people and people take with their hands etc).

I think i spent an hour in the fair before leaving – and the only thing i had bought was 5 chocolates from my favourite chocolate brand as well as 4 packages of Fry’s products! I did find 2 tops which i liked and considered buying…. however i am not so good at doing spontaneous shopping and i never really treat myself to new clothes or items unless it is absolutly necessary. And right now is the best time to buy clothes either so i decided to not buy them, but who knows maybe in the future after thinking about it for 1-2 months i might buy them online, hahaha.

There were so many people at the fair – which is actually a good thing. It shows what a huge trend and popularity it is. People of all ages who are interested in veganism or a vegan diet!! The amount of vegan foods and products on the market is exploding… all the time i am seeing new products – just within the 2 years that i have been vegan the amount of products available has grown so much. I can’t even imagine how great it must feel for those who have been vegan for 10-20+ years….. from maybe only being able to buy certain foods and alot of wholefoods to now being able to eat and buy vegan products most places! Not to mention buying household and beauty products that are cruelty free and vegan is alot easier now than before – i am guessing!

^^My favourite vegan ice cream @3vanner  (they have 4 vegan flavours) & my favourite chocolate (link to their FB)

News reports are saying that veganism is one of the largest growing trends and the amont of people eating/going vegan is on the rise, which is amazing. Even if some people just see it as a trend, it still makes a difference… maybe people just want to try a 30 day plant based diet – maybe they will stick with being a vegetarian or limit their animal products over time, so that still makes a difference!! Of course veganism isn’t a diet or a trend, but if that is how people become aware of veganism, become aware of the animal cruelty then it isn’t a bad thing. The important thing though is that people stick with the changes!

Finally i am home after my day at the fair and feeling both tired and happy! Also i have to say thank you to those of you who said hi and who knew me from Instagram. I don’t know if you also read my blog or not, (Hopefully, hahah!), but if you do, it was nice to meet you 🙂 It always feels a little strange to be recognized or when people write to me and say they saw me but didn’t dare say hi. I would actually much prefer if you say hello – then i can put a face to a name/meeet my followers! Feels strange though as well because followers are just a number and it is easy to forget that it is actual people behind the number!!

Anyway, after this rather long day it is time for rest and a day of study tomorrow!!!



My bag from Gaston Luga (You can get 15% off with the code ” Isabelle “) & my Happy Vegan bag which i use when i go food shopping!!

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  1. livenotsurvivesite says:

    It is so awesome that nowadays there are so many vegan alternatives. It is really easy going vegan and I didn’t feel restricted at any time. The change to a vegan diet was so freeing and I feel so much better now. And even small changes count. I mean I am still a bit unsure if everything I buy is 100% vegan, because I am not vegan for such a long time and I don’t get the e numbers, but I try my best and switched all my beauty products to cf and vegan products and it just makes me happy making a difference, no matter how small it is! I would love to go to a vegan fair, but unfortunately there isn’t something like that in Austria, at least as far as I know…Maybe I just have to do some research about that:)


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I was surprised too at the number of people when I went to a vegan fair here a couple of months ago – it was a lot more well attended than I had imagined it would be. That has to be a good thing though – even if some of the people were there just to “look” it shows they have some interest in veganism, and maybe they would be inspired to try a few things for themselves. If products are more widely available in the shops, cafes etc people are more likely to try an alternative to what they normally buy. It does seem to be heading that way, I have noticed quite a few new products in the shops just lately.
    I`m glad you enjoyed the fair and wasn’t too put off by how busy it was. What did you think of the Fry`s chocolate? Did you buy the bar with the mint fondant filling? I think that is one of those “accidently vegan” foods – they sell it here and I quite like it 🙂


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