Sunday life update!

So many food posts recently, so i thought i would balance it out with a life update and more personal post!!

I have no idea where this week has gone… it has just flown by and i barely know what i have done!

School work and group work has definitely taken up most of my time. The positive thing though is that almost half my work for this course is done – almost! Also that i am in a great group with 3 other hard-working girls, which means that we started the assignments at once, we have all done our part and everyone is motivated to work and do their part of the assignments. It makes life so much easier when everyone is motivated and works hard when it comes to group assignments so that you don’t have to sit with anxiety and stress because someone isn’t doing their part or someone wants to leave everything to the last second – that is not how i work!


Finally the sun is shining and it has been plus degrees the past 3 days, which makes such a difference to my energy levels and happiness. Feeling alot more positive now than i have in a while… maybe it is because i have my own place, maybe because i am finally sleeping normally i.e asleep before 11pm and waking on my own accord around 6.30/7am most days, or maybe it is just the sunshine and warmth! Makes me long for summer and being able to walk around in shorts and a tank top. Right now it is the weird stage where you need atleast 2 layers to not freeze if you are just standing/sitting outside, but if you are walking somewhere only one layer will do… also it is sort of warm during the day but cold in the evenings so you never really know what to wear!


What about working out…. well, i have been to the gym 2 times this week and i have no intention of going today, haha.  I just haven’t been motivated. I don’t know why i am lacking motivation, but i just haven’t felt inspired to go to the gym. The two times i have gone i have felt strong and felt the endorphin rush afterwards, but actually motivating myself to go to the gym has been hard. So instead i have just skipped it. I’ve gone for walks instead and i know my gym motivation will be back sooner or later….. infact, i have noticed that when the sun starts to shine i just want to go for walks outside. But then during summer when it is really hot, i just want to escape to the gym…. so i am guessing during the summer months i’ll long back to the gym again. Working out and being healthy doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym 6 days a wweek and lift weights. Instead just being active, staying healthy and happy is key. If you aren’t motivated to workout, try another form of exercise… go for walks or run, or just take a rest week or two and get back to it later.

(Of course, if you are someone who won’t get back to exercise if you take a break, then it is best to try to stay active in some form everyday just so that you don’t “lose it”. But if you are someone who has to force yourself to take rest days, then maybe when you lack motivation all you need to do is rest!)

Life at the moment feels good! Feeling more positive and happy and not feeling lonely or alone despite living on my own. Instead i just like coming home to an empty apartment! Someone who is very extroverted might not understand this, but for me who is very introverted i love it! I meet friends during school and then can come home and reenergize on my own. Though a problem i have is that i can easily spend a week on my own, without talking to anyone and not feel alone…. i can isolate myself without realising it and that isn’t a good thing. So need to make sure that i stay in contact and meet people every week hahah! Need some human contact each week 🙂


Next week i am going to start applying for more summer jobs at different places, i have already sent in a few job applications… a few places i knew i didn’t really have the qualifications, but atleast i dared to send in my application and some replied with that they would save my information for when there is a place available. Whether that is true or not, i don’t know… but atleast i tried! Not sure where i will work in summer, whether i just work at food stores again and maybe start with health coaching and clients on my own… we’ll see i guess!

That is pretty much my life update right now! Not so much else happening in my life – school work is taking up most of my life and just taking each day as it comes, enjoying life as it is right now!


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  1. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Good to read things are going well for you – and loving your new apartment 🙂 What are you enjoying most about it now you actually have your own place?


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