My weekly food shop (from

As i mentioned in a previous post, when i did my first online food store, it might be my regular way of doing my weekly food shopping. And then going to a nearby store to buy extra things i forgot to buy or fresh produce which is cheaper in “real food stores”, or just when i get cravings for something!!

And i think that online food shopping might be the new thing for me as i don’t have any large food store nearby and it would just be a hassle to do small rounds of food shopping several times a week – not to mention, most likely alot more expensive.

Saturday evening my weeekly food shop arrived, which i was so thankful for because i was tired and didn’t have much food at home, so was great that i knew i could just wait for my food arrival from!

Onto my actual weekly shopping…..  I decided to stock up on oatmilk, frozen vegetables and tofu and then buy some heavy items which last a long time i.e flour, sugar and corn flour. I don’t use those 3 ingredients so often in my cooking, but it is always good to have at home example if i want to bake or if i want to make scones then having flour at home is great, or even for pancakes!


Also, as you can see i bought ALOT of frozen vegetables…. i saw it more as an investment. That buying a large 1kg pack is alot cheaper than small 250-500g packs, however i also overestimated how much space i have in my freezer and i had to squeeze it all in…. barly able to close my freezer after hahah. Already had some frozen vegetables in the freezer and had just bought 4 packages of Frys products at the Vegofair, so had to take a package of frozen veggies out and keep it in the fridge (which i would eat within the next 48 hours!).


Buying in bulk like this is cheaper over time as the milk, frozen veggies and dry ingredients will last longer than a week and is good to always have at home!!!


p.s post not sponsored!

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  1. M says:

    So much yummy and healthy food *drooling* 😀
    Have a great day ❤
    (I wish you all the best btw, I hope you have someone to talk to if/before things get too overwelming^^)


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    Loved looking through the link of the food store at all the products you could buy – some of the brands I recognised as having here but totally new food items! For example, we have Findus products here but have never seen the wok mixes!
    I think its a good idea to buy in bulk where you can as it definitely works out cheaper in the long run and its always handy to build up a store cupboard of the basic staple things. I generally always have a supply of flour/dried goods/ canned tomatoes and frozen veggies.
    Do you have a minimum “spend” for delivery or do you have to pay to have your shopping delivered? Here it averages around £40.00 for free delivery otherwise they charge you.


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