New clothes! Spring outfits!

This blog isn’t a fashion blog – as you all know, hahah. And i am neither interested in or good at fashion. But as this is a lifestyle blog i wanted to share the new clothes i bought along with some consumerism/anxiety/money thoughts…

I spend 90% of my time in workout clothes and have more workout clothes than normal clothes… however that is also sort of my problem…. all i have and all i wear is workout clothes. Now that spring and summer is on it’s way i am realising all i have to choose from is workout clothes or the same clothes i have been wearing for the past 8 years.

I am not a huge shopper, i don’t like spending money and have a problem treating myself. Before i buy anything – that isn’t an absolute necessity – i think about it for 1-2 months or longer beforehand. I can count the amount of spontaneous shops i have done for myself (which isn’t food) on one hand in 2017. I have written more about this in THIS post if anyone wants to read or can relate to this.

Money gives me anxiety. Treating myself gives me anxiety. Also i feel like i naturally have a minimalistic mindset… why buy more things/clothes when i already have a pair of pants, or when i already have tops? I don’t need more than one or two outfits. However i must also admit… always wearing the same clothes and having a rotation of the same tops and trousers does get a little tiring when i see friends and people in my class have new clothes or items every week or month. Having this mindset does mean that i save alot of money and can invest that money into other things in life such as food or instead of buying small things each month, i save money so that i can buy something more “worth it” and more expensive later on. So there are pros and cons to having the mindset of not wanting to buy things spontaneously. It also gives me time to think about if i really want something or not as i give myself 101 reasons why i don’t need it and why i shouldn’t buy it.

Onto the post and the clothes i bought? Well, after c.a 1-2 months of thinking about needing new clothes for spring and summer i decided it was finally time to just invest in some new clothes. I recently got paid and i knew that if i didn’t buy the clothes at once i would just put that money into my savings (which is a good thing – and what i always do!), but it would also mean that i wouldn’t take that money out of my savings and would end up not buying new clothes.

So i headed to the store, tried on some clothes and bought the ones i liked. And that resulted in 3 pairs of pants, 2 basic tops and one other top.

I must admit… i got anxiety when i got home and all i wanted to do was return all the clothes thinking, i don’t need them. They are a waste of money. I am not worth new clothes. But i sat down and told myself, i like the clothes… they fit well and even if i don’t *need* the new clothes, i do sort of need them as well because i am just wearing the same clothes i have worn and had for the past few years. Basically… it is a constant battle in my mind when it comes to buying clothes, and is one of the reasons i tell my parents that if they are going to give me money to buy clothes for my birthday or christmas it is best to give me a giftcard because otherwise i won’t spend that money on clothes.

 Part of me is telling myself to throw away/ruin the receipt so i can’t return the clothes, the other part is telling me that i might need to return them or change the size so i should keep the receipt… so who knows what i will do!

But i am getting better and trying to learn to be ok with buying/treating myself to items. I don’t need to wait until it is an absolute necessity, but i can actually buy things just because i can… and also to realise that i have worked for the money to buy them, so why not use the hard earned money!


Do you spend alot of money on clothes? Treat yourself? (P.s that is not meant in a negative way. It is all about balance with spending and shopping as well and unfortunatly i don’t have much of a balance with shopping/spending.. i wish i was more free and ok with spending money without feeling guilty. But it is just something i need to work on as well!)

P.s all clothes from Gina Tricot!

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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for sharing, I love your new choices for spring. I typically also don’t go crazy with spending money on myself because it doesn’t work with a Budget. But every season I do buy a couple of key new pieces.


    1. Investing in a few new key items is a g reat idea because then you slowly build up your wardrobe over time!


  2. caroljoanne1969 says:

    I am terrible with new clothes and this is something my partner moans/teases me about a lot. I don`t buy myself new clothes very often – I tend to “live in” the same couple of outfits – its what I feel most comfortable in 🙂 But when I need new things I will buy them.
    My “problem” is that when I buy new clothes I am reluctant afterwards to actually wear them – and they always end up either in the wardrobe or drawer with their tickets still on for quite some time after before I do get to actually wear them. I`m not really sure why I do this but its almost as if I don`t want to spoil or ruin them through wearing them. I just want to “save” them – but for what for I don`t know! Its not even that they were ridiculously expensive or anything like that, or that having got them home I changed my mind about them. I wish I wasn’t like this and could just wear and enjoy having new clothes. I do the same thing with shoes. I have a pair of ankle boots in my wardrobe that are still in their shoe box having brought them last winter. I know I will eventually wear them but don`t know when!
    I think your new outfits for Spring look lovely on you – I really like the floral print ones you brought 🙂


  3. notwastingtoday says:

    It’s good to see that you’re trying something new through the anxiety. Honestly well done for coping; you are definitely worth new clothes that change things up a bit 💕


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