Full day of eating – Vegan

I’ve been requested so many times the past few weeks to share full days of eating on my instagram – and to share more of my meals, which i have been doing on my story on my instagram account – but i don’t share all my meals! There can easily become too much focus on food which i don’t know – also that it can lead to comparison of diet and intake which isn’t good. However it seems to be highly requested and appreciated with showing more of my meals – so here is what i ate yesterday as i pictured almost everything!

How much and what i eat varies each day and usually i prefer 3-4 bigger meals per day i.e breakfast/lunch, dinner and a big night snack. But yesterday i felt more hungry and wanted more inbetween snacks, so that’s what i ate. Also yesterday the only thing i did was study/go to a lecture & a 30 minute walk to school, but otherwise it was study from c.a 11am until 8pm.

Breakfast: 2 scones with vegan spread and cheese & a banana afterwards


Lunch: Pasta with a mushroom and oumph sauce (left overs from the day before)

^^This is how my food mostly looks when i don’tplate it specifically for an instagram photo!

Snack: Banana and 2 pieces of chocolate. (If you combine the white chocolate with milk chocolate it tastes like kinder bueno *sort of*)


Dinner: (Which i had prepared in the morning) Cauliflower wings, pickled red onion, avocado, roasted chickpeas, half a baked sweet potato (which i mashed with some salt and sesame seeds), tofu fried in some oil & 1/2 an avocado


Night snack: All i was craving was plain oatmeal with salt, so that is exactly what i had. C.a 2 portions of oats with oat milk and salt. I usually love lots of toppings on my oats – but sometimes i just want to keep it simple and don’t crave any toppings… not even my home made jam or peanut butter. I guess the body just knows what it wants/needs!


I have no idea how many calories i ate or macros – and i don’t care either. I listen to my body and what i ate yesterday was what i wanted/craved/was hungry for.

Everyday is different, somedays i eat more and somedays less… it balances itself out over time! As you can tell, i love having lots of different foods for my lunch and/or dinner (i.e lots of vegetables, potatoes, hummus, avocado, beans, sweet corn etc) but usually for snacks (now a days) just keeping it simple works well for me. And i don’t eat snacks everyday, as i wrote in THIS post. Eating 3-4 big meals per day works better for me and usually my big lunches/dinner keep me satisfied for several hours!

Another reason i don’t do full days of eating so often is that 1) it would require me to picture all my food and remember what i ate each day…. which reminds me that several cups of coffee with oat milk were drank yesterday as well as some cauliflower wings being eaten when i made them in the morning 😉

and 2) i eat pretty much the same thing most days which isn’t alot of variation and no point in sharing everyday or every week if it just looks the same – i.e no inspiration for you, haha!

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  1. Sophie says:

    Yuuumm!! Those meals looks amazing, can you be my personal chef?? 😉 I have a question about meals per day that I still struggle a bit with after having an eating disorder. Some days I’m not hungry for more than 3 meals a day, and those keep me going during the day and I have good energy and feel totally fine and normal (I’m sedentary most parts of the day). However, I kind of feel “guilty” for not eating more often, because I was taught in recovery to eat 5-6 meals per day and they told me I would eat that way for the rest of my life to not relapse in my ed. But my appetite isn’t there.. Should I force myself to eat more anyway? What do you think about this, did you ever experience the same thing after your recovery?


    1. Thank you! This all depends on what stage of recovery you are in. Intuitive eating – and the goal of recovery – is to be able to eat normally and according to your body and if you are only hungry 3 times a day then you eat 3 times a day (according to your body). Each day can vary how much you eat when it comes to intutive eating. However, if you are still underweight then i would recommend you try to eat regular meals throughout the day anyway to help you gain weight. But if you are a healthy weight and just maintaining, then i see no problem – personally – with eating 3 meals a day as long as you eat all the energy you need.
      While i was in recovery – and after recovery it worked great to eat 5-6 times a day but then with school and exercise and lifestyle change it was easier to just eat 3-4 bigger meals per day and that works alot better for me now… but then on weekends i might eat more frequently, it varies. So if you find that you can eat enough calories, maintain a healthy weight and eat 3 meals a day then do that 🙂 There are no “set rules” on how or when you should eat, it is about trusting your body and finding what works for you! Hope this helps!


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