Oat and banana pancake recipe – vegan!

It’s been a while since i last had pancakes to say the least. Infact i can’t even remember when i last had pancakes – it’s been THAT long! I was eating pancakes on a weekly basis for a while (each Sunday because #pancakesunday haha) but then i just got tired of it.

Usually i just make THESE pancakes which is a very simple, but delicious recipe made with white flour. And i have even tried making cinnamon swirl pancakes HERE & even some chocolate chip pancakes HERE. But today i decided to make some oat and banana pancakes and switch things up a bit!


In the past, i.e before i went vegan, i used to make pancakes which consisted of 1 banana, 2 eggs/egg whites and some oats which always turned out great. But now when i make oat and banana pancakes i just leave out the eggs and add oat milk instead and add some crushed flaxseeds which act as a binding agent (you can use chia seeds instead, or omit completely!).

The recipe is simple and all you need is a hand mixer or other form of mixer, and then just to fry the pancakes!


Also note, the more baking powder you use the more “fluffy” they get… so if you don’t want them fluffy omit the baking powder!




2 cups of rolled oats which is around 180g i.e c.a 4,5dl oats.

2 bananas (the riper the better!)

1,5 cup oat milk (c.a 300ml)

c.a 3-4 tbs sugar/sweetener (add more or less depending on your preferences)

1tsp baking powder

1tsb cinnamon

C.a 1 tsb flax seed or chia seeds (can omit)

Pinch of salt

Optional: Add berries, chocolate chips or coconut shreds to the mix!


How to:

Begin with turning the rolled oats into flour in a food processor/hand mixer. Once the oats have turned into flour add the chopped banana as well as the baking powder, cinnamon, sugar, flax seeds (if using) & pinch of salt and mix again with the mixer – add the milk as you mix. Keeping adding milk (or water) until you reach a thin – but not water consistency. It should be thick, but not clumpy.

Then begin frying in medium heat! (If you fry in butter or oil it gives a crispy outside, but is fine to fry without a fat source if you are using a non-stick pan.)

Best to make mini pancakes out of this mix – and each pancake needs to be fried 1-2 minutes on each side before done!

Eat and enjoy, or save for later!

This recipe is so simple and works just as well to just use c.a 1-2 portions of oatmeal, 1 banana and some oatmilk which you mix together and fry into pancakes. I.e turn your regular oatmeal into some pancakes instead and make a single serving pancake breakfast!





9 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    I`ve recently “discovered” oat flour by blending rolled oats in the mixer – and I love it! It makes great cakes and biscuits – I never realised it was so simple 🙂
    Can you re heat these pancakes in the microwave if you save some for later?


    1. It’s so simple – and cheap to make your own oatflour which also works great when making veggie burgers etc 🙂 I haven’t tried reheating them as i just ate them cold later on. But i am sure they work being reheated as well 🙂


  2. Brenda says:

    What does tsb stand for?


  3. raecollyer7 says:

    I love oat pancakes! They’re my favorite, great post by the way, I’m loving you’re blog lately. 🙂


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