Starting a blog and instagram – worried what friends and family will think?

This looks so good and easy to make. i have a question… do your friends and family know you have a blog and isntagram? i want to start a sort of food and fitness accountbut i dont want anyone i know to find it.


First off, thank you 🙂 And to answer your question, yes my family know i have my social media accounts. It is hard to hide it when you have been doing it for years. With my friends…. well some know i think, but it is never anything i have mentioned or we have talked about. Infact – fun story – when i began university in 2016 i told my friends i didn’t have social media as i didn’t want them to find my instagram (i think i had 10 thousand followers back then?) or blog (it was my old blog about anorexia & anorexia recovery). However i am the person/friend who spends the most time on her phone so they must have wondered why i was on my phone all the time if i didn’t have social media haha.

Now i think my friends know because atleast my instagram account often shows up as a recommended because facebook and instagram are connected, also the fact that i get so many notifications and messages per day it is hard to hide it . However it is nothing we have openly talked about i.e they have never asked me questions about it and i have never brought it up.

instagram photo

I must admit… it does feel a little strange and at times i just want to block everyone i know from following me online, but i know i can’t do that. Also the thing you need to realise is that if you want your account to grow – which i assume you do? Then you need to be more personal – be a personality online – and that also means that people you know will find and follow you.

One of the things i have worked hard at – and am still working on – is not being ashamed of using social media/being an online “Presence” in someways. For so long i felt embarrassed and ashamed of taking pictures of food or talking about body positivity or about my past struggles… i didn’t want anyone i knew personally to follow me online. I was ok with total strangers, but not anyone i knew in my personal life. However, i have now realised that there is nothing shameful in what i do, and if anything… my friends and family say it is inspiring for them. That they get inspired by the meals i post and even if many in my real life don’t really care about the recovery quotes i post, i know that i help so many by posting them and get messages daily telling me that those quotes/reminders help them.


If you want to grow on social media, it does mean that people you know in your real life might follow you. However that can be a good thing because 1) they can share your account to help you grow and 2) it makes you think about what you post. I.e if you wouldn’t want your family or partner to read or see what you post online, then should you really post it?

With my growth in social media it does mean that i have to think extra about what i write and post online. I need to think about who reads it, how it will be interpreted and whether future clients, business partners or employers will read or see it and whether it would affect me negatively. So it can be a good thing to have friends and family follow you because it also keeps you real and accountable to what you post online!



So don’t be ashamed in having online accounts – post what you want to post! Choose a theme you want to stick to, or just be YOU and post lifestyle/health/fitness/food. Don’t be ashamed of what you post, because that will hold you back… it held me back for years with my social media and blogging/instagram because i never wanted people i knew to find me . But now i realise that that is just part of it.

I don’t know how much help this post is, but maybe it can inspire you to just go for it 🙂 Do you! Feel free to leave your IG name below or send me a message if you want me to check you out or just send you some supportive messages 🙂


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  1. jarunkacube says:

    I have a blog for more than 6 years now and it is my hobby. A place where I can express myself even in a form of recipes. I am a creative person, always wanted to be a writer and also I used to draw/ paint a lot. Unfortunately, now I don’t have too much time for it but still, I don’t know what I’d do without it. It is a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it gives me a lot af anxiety, other times I’m happy to post something again.
    Last october I also started an IG account and I think I got way too obsessed by it. But I cannot do else because the community there is awesome. I found sooo many interesting and lovely people. I follow you for many years now: on IG and your previous blog too, you are one of my greatest inspirations.
    So if you find the time to check me out and maybe leave a comment, I’d be pleased!


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