Life update and goals for the new week

Sunday and time for a life update with some actual goals for the upcoming week and months!

I am actually writing this post on Friday evening, but i’ll pretend it is Sunday 🙂

The past week has just flown by and the majority of the time has been spent in school working on group projects, or at home working on the group assignment or writing my own essay. There has been alot of work, writing and course litterature to read so it feels like that has taken up the majority of my time this week.

Otherwise i have listened to podcasts, gone for walks and gone to the gym 2 times so far this week, haha. As mentioned in a previous post, i haven’t felt so motivated for the gym, but i am planning a gym session again sometime during the weekend – so 3 times this week! I have set some gym goals for myself which is to work on my core strength and focus mostly on my lower body strength. I feel happy with the way i look upper body and i don’t really see the point of doing lots of upperbody work or bicep curls if it isn’t going to help me in my daily life. However what i am lacking is core strength, and i feel like i want to build up my conditioning and leg strength more so those are my 3 main workout goals for the moment. Go for walks, do some core work and some lower body work and then some upperbody workouts maybe once a week just to maintain my strength. (And no, i don’t strength train/workout for looks or appearance, but the fact is that when you strength train you do build muscle and shape your body and well i don’t feel the ned to build more muscle on my upper body or todo a bunch of solo exercise for my upperbody. But i will do it every once in a while because i enjoy that form of training.)

Moving on, my meal prep has consisted of lots of roast veggies, pasta and lots of scones  and chocolate for my snacks!

I also won a competition from Celsius and got to try their new non-carbonated energy drink in the flavour coconut and pineapple. At first i wasn’t a huge fan of the flavour but after trying it for a second time i actually like it alot, and i think it will be alot better for my stomach AND teeth without the carbonated bubbles! So thumbs up for that flavour!

Also, (as writing this post!) eating some chocolate/snickers ice cream which tastes amazing!! Based on coconut milk and it has caramel and peanuts making it a perfect sweet and salty combo!

Aside from that, not much going on in my life. This weekend is the last time to apply for courses for the autumn, so i have no idea what i will study next autumn.. depends what courses i get accepted to. And i could end up studying anything from 50% to 150% (i.e 3 courses at the same time the whole term) hahah…  we’ll see what happens. I am going to look over my course applications and maybe add some new ones depending on what i find! And of course trying to apply for jobs, but just can’t seem to motivate myself to do it…. still feeling so undecisive what and where i want to work, but i know that i need to get out and start searching for jobs asap if i want to pay all my bills and rent during the summer, haha. Not to mention that i actually WANT to work during summer… i don’t know what i would do with all the extra time over otherwise. I am productive and have far too much energy to not want to work – this is both a good thing and a bad thing!

Other goals for the upcoming week? Take time to rest inbetween group work, seminars and essay writing. Less coffee and caffeine!


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  1. WilfredsCrueltyFree says:

    I love reading everyone’s goals for the week. I find it really motivational s


  2. carol says:

    Good to read things are going well for you, even if you are busy with Uni work 🙂
    Is there any chance your previous employer from last summer will take you on again for this one? I know that’s what a lot of students here do or maybe you want to do something different?
    How are you settling in to your apartment? Have you got used to it yet?
    Take care and I hope you have a lovely non-stressful week!


  3. carol says:

    Good morning Izzy 🙂 I was wondering – what sort of exercises do you do to strengthen your core? How long does it take for them to take effect? Is there a web site you can recommend that could give me further information and examples of exercises? Thank you 🙂


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