Beach body 2018? Weightloss? – Get rid of triggering content from your feed

Summer is just around the corner and the videos and pictures of “beach 2018”, “get fit with me” and other similar titles are beginning to pop up in my social media.

Usually i don’t care about these videos or pictures, i just scroll by and don’t pay so much attention. But for some reason this year i am feeling more sensitive towards these videos or pictures… or more… I am tired of them. Tired of each year seeing these videos, pictures and general stress towards having a beach body pop up in my feed. Even if i am not following the accounts their videos and pictures still seem to pop up in my feed.

I don’t care how many calories someone else is eating. I don’t care what a full day of eating looks like for someone else. I don’t care if someone else is doing a cut or a bulk. I don’t care or want to see someone elses physique update.

There is so much focus on appearance, weightloss, fatloss and looking a certain way. And as mentioned in the beginning usually i don’t care… maybe i am just in an extra sensitive stage or just in a more irritated phase/mood, but i just don’t want to be bombarded with that type of content right now.

So what i have begun doing is 1) unfollowing accounts that are beginning with that type of content or 2) just unliking/in the notifications clicking the button that i don’t want to see that type of content anymore. It may seem silly but the fact is, You decide what you want to see online. 

People will post and share what they want to – they have all the right to share their fatloss and weightloss journies, just like i have the right to click unfollow because i don’t want to see that content. THIS is what people need to learn. If you don’t like what someone is writing, sharing or posting… unfollow them. Don’t send hateful or bitter or negative messages, just click block or unfollow.

Don’t follow triggering accounts. Don’t check in on accounts that trigger you or make you feel bad about yourself. Just unfollow or block them. This is a step towards self care and doing what is best for your mental health if you get triggered by certain content.

This post may seem silly but i can say…. it is very refreshing to just get rid of that content from my feed and only see positive posts, videos and messages. To only be inspired, motivated and filled with positivity when i am online and not feel pressure to eat or look a certain way.


A beach body is the body you have on the beach and you DON’T need to look a certain way to have a bikini and be on the beach. I know it is easier said than done and it can take years of self love to learn to love and accept your body, and i can say i don’t always love my body or the way i look. But when you begin to focus on life and health you ffocus less on appearance and whether you have stomach rolls or cellulite or scars and focus more on your own physical and mental health and well being.

SOOOO… the point of this post was to say: Take control over what  and who you follow online. Unfollow accounts that trigger you or make you feel bad about yourself (that includes my accounts… i really hope that my accounts don’t trigger anyone or make you feel bad about yourself, but if they do… unfollow or just message me and let me know. I never want to make anyone feel bad about themselves). And also, you DON’T need to lose weight or fat for summer. You are perfect just the way you are. Focus on your health first and that means mental health, social and physical health as well. Forget abs and looking a certain way, just focus on life, happiness and overall health. And make sure you are following inspiring and positive people online and not people who pressure you or stress you to look, act or be a certain way.

And this can be said for friends or people in your real life as well. If anyone is triggering you, is a press or stress in your life or makes you feel bad about yourself… phase them or cut them out of your life. DON’T surround yourself with negative people who make you feel bad about yourself or drain you of energy. Be careful about your energy and only surround yourself with positive people and energy!!!


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  1. WilfredsCrueltyFree says:

    Love this. Hate when people just complain about stuff they see online instead of just unfollowing x


    1. Exactly, i think it is ok to complain but then you should atleast take action to make a change and not just complain hahah. Also so important to unfollow any accounts that may be triggering or negative towards you or your health!! We can atleast do our best to control what we see online even if we don’t have full control!


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