Eating vegan on a budget: Cheap vegan, nutritious meals!

This post has been a long time coming!! I have been meaning to write and share this post for a while but just never gotten around to it…. even if this is one of the simple posts that doesn’t require any sources or reading of articles like some of my other nutritional posts!

I have written a post about eating vegan on a budget (&getting all the vitamins and minerals): HERE

As well as a list of staple vegan foods to have at home.

Eating vegan can be as expensive, time consuming and complicated as you make it to be. Just like any way of eating, it can be easy or complicated or it can be cheap or very expensive.


If you are eating vegan on a budget then fake meats and cheeses might not be an option and instead focus on in season vegetables, beans and lentils, vegetables and grains will be the base of your diet. It doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless just because you eat vegan on a budget!! And you can of course get all the vitamins and minerals you need (apart from b12 – you will need to take a supplement, just like all vegans), as long as you try to eat as varied as possible within your budget!

Focus on potatoes, dried beans and lentils which you prepare yourself, oats (which you can turn into oat flour and make pie crusts, scones, pancakes, bread etc out of), frozen vegetables are often cheaper than fresh vegetables. Buy in season and on sale fruit and vegetables. Rice and pasta are great alternatives and even white flour which you can make bread, scones, pancakes out of or make your own seitan (post about what seitan is). Also many smaller asian shops sell tofu for alot cheaper than normal food stores, so i would check that out as tofu is a great source of protein as a vegan. Aquafaba from chickpeas is great to use in recipes, click HERE.


I have a post with what to do with leftovers (some food tips) & also some vegan food hacks on how to make your own oat milk, vegan butter, cheese etc which might be a good idea if you are eating on a buget and can’t buy the premade vegan alternatives!

In this post i will share just lunch/dinner ideas, and i will make a second post with some snack alternatives! Also note, these are just ideas – you don’t need any exact measurements to make these dishes… it is just inspiration 🙂

The first obvious food tip is lentil soup with vegetables and potatoes & crushed tomatoes. You can vary with seasoning and vegetables – a filling and very nutritious meal.



Simple tomato soup and roast some chickpeas to have on top for extra crunch. Combine with some homemade bread as well.


Soak and cook your own chickpeas (tips here) & make hummus (recipe) or falafel or chickpea burgers.

Roasted vegetables – use oil and seasoning and bake in the oven!


Beans in tomato sauce with rice

Spaghetti with a red lentil “mince” sauce


Pasta and make a potato & carrot “cheese” sauce (works best if you can use nutritional yeast and oat cream for optimal creaminess).


Bean burgers with home made bread & roasted potatoes

Bean mix: Beans, sweet corn, tofu (if you can find some for cheap) and rice (mix together and add some sauce example crushed tomatoes)

Mashed potatoes with peas

Pasta with oat cream and peas – add tofu for extra protein.


Baked potato with a bean/tofu mix and if you either make your own mayonnaise or have some vegan yoghurt for the mix.


Chickpea curry with rice – if you find coconut milk cheaply this works great!

Pasta with tomato sauce and beans (& peas for extra protein and taste!)

Tofu scramble (add beans, onion and other vegetables for extra texture and taste) with scones or roast potatoes

Tacos or burritos i.e taco bread/wrap and make a mince using black beans, seasoning and tomato sauce and cook rice and make a burrito or taco.

Chickpea omelette with example a mix of beans or vegetables


Tomato pie (example, if tomatoes are cheap an in season)


Kale and onion pie (Kale isn’t always so cheap, but you should be able to sub for example spinach or just skip the kale! Also skip the vegan cheese and walnuts if it is too expensive)

Lentil salad – works best with green lentils, and add black beans, rice, in season roasted vegetables and add some tomatoes and garlic and mix together. Also add some fried tofu if you have it available!

Filled sandwiches. Make a creamy mix of example vegan mayonnaise, tofu, onion, and chickpeas and fill some bread (a baguette!)


So many ideas, so i might make another post with more recipes/ideas if you would like that 🙂 Might be a good inspiration. Of course, if you are eating on a budget there is not a whole lot of variation in foods… but you can prepare and season the food differently for some variation! Also i am sure there are different cuisines which have alot of good recipes using lentils, grains, rice, beans as their diets are based on those food!

(Also, can we appreciate how many links/posts i have written the past year of this blog… sometimes i forget how many posts about different topics i have actually written. So searching my blog for certain topics can be a good idea if you are ever stuck, or just commenting so i can write a post about it in the future!)


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  1. carol says:

    I made a lasagne the other day from tinned baked beans in tomato sauce – its so easy, just mix the beans with a tin of chopped tomatoes and some onion and seasoning!
    So many good ideas in this post – thanks for sharing them 🙂 Look forward to seeing any more ideas you have!


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